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6 Netflix Motivational Documentaries That Change Life & Mindset




To stay well-informed about current global events, watching Netflix documentaries is highly recommended. From unsolved murders and political corruption to escalating global crises, these films shed light on various topics. Don’t worry; nonfiction films aren’t always somber. If you’re a Netflix subscriber who enjoys documentaries but prefers something lighter, here’s a curated list of documentaries to brighten up your day.

1. The Dawn Wall

Netflix does not currently have “Free Solo,” the popular Oscar-winning documentary that follows Alex Honnold’s 2017 ascent of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without any protective gear. However, “The Dawn Wall ” is an equally gripping and inspiring film that portrays Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson’s challenging climb up another section of the same mountain. Witnessing these athletes take on such a daunting task, knowing there will be a positive outcome, still induces anxiety as they push themselves to new heights far above the ground.

2. Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Hedy Lamarr, the actress, led an extraordinary life filled with captivating moments that could each stand as a compelling documentary. From her scandalous art films in Europe to her transformation into a glamorous and exotic Hollywood leading lady – and later as an independent movie producer – Lamarr dared to take more risks with her career than the average screen queen of the 20th century. While “Bombshell” covers her journey and briefly touches upon her turbulent personal life, its primary focus lies on Lamarr’s lesser-known pursuit as an amateur inventor.

3. Europe’s Most Dangerous Man: Otto Skorzeny in

The conversation surrounding Nazism and World War II seems never-ending, with Hitler and his allies still serving as central figures in various mediums such as novels, TV series, movies, and biopics. One particularly intriguing and controversial individual among them was Otto Skorzeny, dubbed the Scarface of the Nazi party by the Americans.


This documentary provides a unique opportunity to delve deeper into the history of one of Hitler’s most devoted associates. Following his involvement in World War II, Skorzeny sought refuge in Spain, where he forged a new existence, cultivating new occupations and social connections while remaining rooted in his political ideology, all under the protection of dictator Francisco Franco.

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4. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

To create art with significance, artists must take risks. Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist often referred to as the “Chinese Warhol,” has been fearless in embracing risks throughout his career despite frequently clashing with China’s one-party regime. Director Alison Klayman began documenting Ai Weiwei during a pivotal period in May 2008 when a devastating earthquake struck the Sichuan Province, prompting him to intensify his criticism of the Chinese government. The documentary chronicles Ai Weiwei’s unwavering commitment to artistic expression amidst constant state harassment.

5. A Sinister Sect: Colonia Dignidad

After World War II, numerous Germans migrated to allied countries, including Chile. It was in this country that preacher Paul Schäfer and his followers journeyed, establishing a foundation to assist vulnerable sectors of the Chilean central region. However, this was merely a facade.


Presently, testimonies from former members and documented evidence reveal that Colonia Dignidad (now Villa Baviera) utilized surveillance and punishment methods to exert control over the bodies and minds of its followers. Moreover, they tortured and murdered civilians sent by Pinochet and sexually exploited teenagers from nearby communities.

6. Happy

Director Robo Belic takes on an intriguing exploration of happiness in his film Happy. While discussions often focus on sadness, depression, and anxiety, Belic inquisitively investigates what brings us joy. Through captivating travels worldwide, he encounters various individuals who have discovered their paths to happiness. Meet members of a Danish commune, witness the vibrancy of the healthiest inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan, follow the uplifting journey of a 60-year-old Brazilian surfer, and encounter numerous others who share their unique experiences of finding happiness. The film skillfully blends scientific insights (happiness is 50% genetically influenced, as biology suggests) with powerful depictions of people’s happiness, prompting viewers to reflect on their pursuit of joy.


Netflix documentaries can lead to transformation; it is not just entertainment but a stream of interesting thoughts. They stimulate personal growth through insightful stories. These documentaries broaden perspectives, challenge beliefs, and ignite positive change within individuals. Embark on your personal mindset transformation journey!

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