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Creating the Perfect Profile: A Guide to Online Dating Success for Lesbians




Online dating is so common nowadays that we could almost lose the word online and start calling it just dating. It’s been like that for years. Thanks to constant technological advancement, sites keep getting better and more efficient…

Yet, that doesn’t mean getting dates online is easier than before. There are more sites to choose from, more potential partners on each site, and more exciting conversations on chat than ever.

And even after a girl decides which sites to join, and even if the site is good, there’s no guarantee of getting dates. So we’ll fill this article with tips for creating an attention-grabbing, personality-screaming, hookup-getting lesbian dating profile…

How to Create a Dating Profile Algorithm Loves

Uh, that’s a lot of words with hyphens… But they don’t just sound cool. There are dating profiles that do all that. Creating them starts with first choosing the type of relationship a gay girl wants. Serious or casual is the first question… Most lesbians get that far.

Yet most fail at the next step. They leave profiles half-empty, never get any leads, and eventually let their terrible profile become a statistic on the platform.

However, looking at the lesbians hooking up thanks to the local platform makes it clear that those girls who give more meat to the algorithm get more attention from other members. They don’t just upload HD profile pictures or write generic profile descriptions. They take those 15-30 minutes to list their body type, hair color, interests, likes, dislikes… They invest that time right after creating a free profile because they know the algorithm gives better matches to those who say what they want. And such gay girls spend a lot less time texting and move to video chatting sooner than lesbians, who have to waste 29 hours of texting on figuring out basic stuff.

Imagine you’re setting a blind date for a person you’ve never met and for your best friend. Which date would have more chance to be successful? Your friends because you know them so you can suggest to them a better partner. The algorithm is the same – a digital wingman.

How to Create a Swipe-Stopping Dating Profile

It’s vital to give enough info to the algorithm. Girls can’t expect to find dates without sharing desires, likes, and dislikes. But the way they do it matters. Focusing on the algorithm and neglecting that humans will read their profile makes them come off as dull or boring.

The goal should be to show personality, not only provide information…

And since most people use Hot or Not games to find matches, showing personality starts on the profile picture.


The profile picture should suit the type of platform you’re at. Uploading a hot bikini picture on a site for girls seeking marriage partners might make a girl seem desperate or suggest that she doesn’t have much to offer other than a stunning body.

Yet, the same photo would probably earn her a bunch of messages on a lesbian hookup site because the focus here is on physical pleasure, so it’s ok to be direct.

And then, don’t just upload a hot photo…

Combine it with a personality-filled description. That’s usually the only thing apart from a profile photo visible in swiping games. We’ll return to descriptions because they are arguably more important than pictures…

Now we have to warn everyone of a mistake many lesbians make on dating platforms…

Use This Trick to be Honest With Yourself In a Dating Profile

There’s a fine line between presenting yourself in the best light and being delusional. That’s why it’s wise to ask a real friend to check out your profile before starting the next online adventure. If a friend is honest, they will tell a girl to change stuff that makes them sound better than they are…

And that’s the most important thing to avoid.


Setting expectations too high is the shortest way to see your confidence in ruins…

The problem is that when we set expectations too high, keeping up with them is either impossible or so tiring that it takes all the fun away from the relationships.

So, before making a profile public, ask your friends to check it out. That prevents lesbians from making themselves seem better than they are.

What to Include in Profile Description

Now, let’s wrap this up with a list of info successful lesbians use in their dating profile descriptions:

●          An inspirational quote might help to show personality and wisdom

●          Favorite meal or drink

●          The book they currently read

●          The last movie they’ve seen

●          Depending on the type of site – their favorite sex position

●          Something about the person they’re looking for

With this guide, creating a lesbian dating profile that brings results shouldn’t be an issue. Good luck.

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