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Cannabis Preservation: Storing CBD for Potency




Appropriate storage is the key to maintaining the healing qualities and efficient functionalities of CBD products. Cannabidiol is a non-inebriating compound in cannabis. This mix has attracted great public interest due to its potent health benefits. It needs to be handled carefully to maintain stability, which is achieved only if it’s protected from stressors. Using appropriate CBD-friendly jars is absolutely essential to ensure that their potency remains effective for the intended use.

What Degrades CBD Potency

CBD quality is imperiled by environmental conditions in a variety of ways. One of the key elements for its breakdown and deterioration is light; mostly UV light. Light can act on cannabinoids, and as a result, it loses its benefits. The uneven temperatures can sometimes cause the decarboxylation process before time, damaging the terpenes that are responsible for CBD’s therapeutic effects.

Oxidation of the air is also a critical concern. When CBD products are exposed to the air, oxygen can be altered from their chemical stability. This could lead to potency being decreased. Similarly, moisture and humidity develop a favorable climate for mold and bacteria propagation. The quality of CBD items is compromised as a result. These facts show the necessity of safekeeping in order to ensure the efficacy and potency of your CBD.

Choosing the Right Storage

When it comes to storing CBD effectively, you should prefer glass jars because of their importance. Glass is non-reactive, which means that any chance of a chemical reaction occurring and the products being changed by it is almost zero. This is very important in the durability, quality and strength of the CBD. You can enjoy it with any cannabis consumption device you would like.

Glass jars also protect the CBD from UV light. While the argument of the fact that UV light exposure greatly affects the properties of the cannabinoids, the glass jars are sealed. This keeps the air from interacting with the oil and as a result, the CBD will not oxidize. Another key point is that glass containers are reusable and recyclable, so they are sustainable. All these properties of glass jars combine, making them the ultimate tool for use.

What to Do

Effective preservation requires both safekeeping and shielding from any outdoor elements. It can be done by keeping the temperature at a cooler level. Such a strategy will not only reduce the harmful impacts of microorganisms through the blockage moisture but also minimize the degradation process.

As a side note, blocking the gratification of the CBD in the face of UV radiation is a preventive measure too. UV light can destroy it by storage light exposure when it’s on the way to the distributors on Weedmaps or other selling points.


By investing in proper storage solutions, such as airtight and UV-protective glass jars, the quality of CBD products can be preserved. Whether for personal use or in a dispensary setting, maintaining optimal conditions of coolness, darkness, and dryness is fundamental. It’s a small yet vital step towards ensuring that the full potential of CBD is available whenever needed. 

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