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List of Different Types of Smoking Devices



Although traditional cigarette smoking has decreased significantly among young adults over the last few decades, a significant increase has emerged in the use of new tobacco products among these demographics in recent years. As an old ritual and the most frequent cannabis consuming technique, smoking has a plethora of cannabis-specific gadgets. Hand pipes, bubblers, bongs (water pipe), dab rigs, hookahs, and other DIY disposable smoking devices fall under this category.

Here are a few different smoking gadgets on what to expect when you quit dipping for your next smoking session. 

Six Most Popular Smoking Devices


A bong is a larger version of a bubbler. Bongs are often tall and have the appearance of scientific lights. The most significant benefit of utilizing a bong is the increased amount of your hit. Large clouds of smoke may be ripped from bongs, ensuring a virtually rapid onset. They also provide superior filtration since you can fill them with more water, especially if you get a bong with a percolator. You can also find a water pipe with an ice catcher to keep the smoke cold and allow yourself to enjoy the distinct flavor of each cannabis strain.


As hookahs were initially created to smoke shisha, the name for wet tobacco, they aren’t the most popular smoking equipment. Cannabis is too dry to burn effectively in a hookah; however, it can be sandwiched between two layers of tobacco to solve the problem.

While using a hookah to smoke cannabis provides a more strong experience, it also comes with the same health hazards as smoking blunts or spliffs.

Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

Rolling papers and a cardboard tip are used to make a joint. It’s entirely made up of the ground weed. There are occasions when cannabis is blended with tobacco or a herbal combination, but these are not joints. Spliff is a term used in the cannabis community to describe them. Spliffs are more common in Europe, and they contain chemicals in addition to marijuana, as previously stated.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of different types of smoking devices, check out this collection of dugouts at https://smokea.com/collections/dugouts. They offer a wide range of smoking devices, including dugouts, to cater to every smoker’s preference and enhance your smoking experience.


A bubbler is a tiny water filtering equipment attached to a hand pipe. Water filtration has health advantages, such as more relaxed and smoother hits devoid of harmful contaminants that you might typically inhale. To use a bubbler, follow the exact instructions as you would with a regular hand pipe, with the exception that you fill the bubbler’s base with a bit of water to generate osmosis and experience some bubbles in one’s smoke.

DIY Disposable Devices

This is the place where you may let your imagination run wild. Homemade smoking devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The apple pipe is the most common DIY smoking device, but the talented crafters may create remarkable structures out of everyday things. You can make a gravity bong out of a bucket and a plastic container to get even more from your next smoke. However, this approach takes some prior smoking experience from a standard bong – the bucket bong may hit somebody quite hard.

Hand Pipes

Hand pipes are by far the most popular smoking accessories among marijuana users. Their ease of use and convenience have made them popular for many years. Pipes are portable, simple to use, and require minor maintenance to be in good working order.

The smoke from the burning cannabis is contained in hand pipes, and the user inhales it via the mouthpiece. Hand pipes are available in various designs, and expert artisans make some.

Nicotine Pouches: A Modern Alternative

Although traditional cigarette smoking has decreased significantly among young adults over the last few decades, there’s been a notable uptick in the adoption of alternative tobacco products, such as nicotine pouches. These products offer a smokeless, vaporless nicotine experience, appealing to a demographic seeking subtler or more convenient forms of nicotine consumption. As an evolution in the realm of nicotine products, nicotine pouches stand out for their ease of use and discreet nature, allowing users to enjoy nicotine without the smoke or smell associated with traditional smoking methods. Whether you’re transitioning from smoking or looking for an alternative nicotine source, nicotine pouches provide a modern solution to meet your needs.


There is a whole market dedicated to various sorts of smoking gadgets. Humans have been using smoking accessories for ages. The second most crucial component in your smoking experience is the delivery technique following the strain selection. Smoking gadgets affect each individual differently during and after a smoking session.

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