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This is an abbreviation for “Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation”. It’s a US government agency that insures deposits of its member banks against bank failure. What does this term have to do with finance? The answer, at least in the context of U.S. banking regulations, is: nothing – it just sounds like something you might want to use on your resume

FPD stands for “Fluoride-Potassium Disodium” and is used in dentistry. This chemical is a part of the toothpaste that helps clean teeth.

Computer Definition – FPD

(1) (Flat Panel Display) LCD, plasma display, EL display, FED, and flat panel display are all examples of flat panel displays. (2) (Field Programmable Device) An umbrella word for all customer-programmable chips, such as SPLDs, CPLDs, and FPGAs. PLD stands for Personal Learning Device.

So, what exactly is the full form of FPD?

A solid-state X-ray digital radiography apparatus with a flat panel detector (FPD).

Also, what is FPF stand for? Meaning. FPF stands for “Favorite Person Friday.” FPF stands for Fat Pitch Financials (investment blog)

So, what is FPD in the context of shipping?

Freight Payable At Destination (FPD) is the abbreviation for freight payable at destination (logistics)

What is the meaning of FPD?


FPD Flat Panel Display Academic & Science » Electronics
FPD Forest Preserve District Governmental » State & Local
FPD Unclassified » Fixed Partial Denture Miscellaneous
FPD Focal-Plane Deviation Academic & Science » Electronics
FPD Films and Publications Department Business » Companies & Firms

Answers to Related Questions

What is the meaning of FDP?

Degradation products of fibrin

What is a stop-off charge, and how does it work?

What is a stop off fee? A stop off fee is assessed by the trucker if a shipment is split between two delivery locations. In some cases, the trucking company will bundle their stop off fee into the Pickup & Delivery charge.

What is the freight abbreviation?


On Instagram, what does FFF stand for?

Follow for the sake of following

What exactly is LMU stand for?

Please connect with me.

In slang, what does PFP stand for?

As Evidence, Here’s A Picture

What does FPF stand for when it comes to pregnancy?

FPF, volume (Ve), and volume change are all terms used to describe fetal pulmonary fluid.

What does this imply for HMU?

Internet & Network

HMU stands for “Hit Me Up” on the internet, and it means “contact me,” “text me,” “call me,” or any other variation of “reach me to follow up on this.” It’s a contemporary shorthand way of inviting someone to engage with you more, but not right now.

What is the meaning of PFPS?


Acronym Definition
PFPS Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is a kind of patellofemoral
PFPS System for Planning Flights on the Go
PFPS Patients for the Protection of Patients (UN World Health Organization)
PFPS Puget Sound Advocates (Washington)

In a text, what does Fla mean?

Don’t thank us now that you know FLA stands for “Florida.” YW! What exactly does FLA stand for? FLA is an acronym, abbreviation, or slang term that is detailed above along with the FLA meaning.

In soccer, what does FPF stand for?

Peruvian Football Federation

What exactly is a BSF?

Most of the time, BSF stands for “Best Friend,” but it may also stand for “Best Sister Friend” or “But Seriously Folks.”

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