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Three Things to Consider in Choosing a Business Name



Choosing a name for your business is one of the most critical choices you will make as an entrepreneur. Once you’ve designed your unique product or service and developed a business plan to generate income, you must choose a name for your business that best encapsulates your vision while attracting the appropriate customer base. In truth, your business name is responsible for catching the eye of potential customers and promoting your brand. Here are three things to keep in mind when making this critical choice.

Keep it Short

If choosing a business name seems overwhelming, try consulting the experts at Gamify. You can generate a list of business names based on keywords relevant to your brand on their site. Namify encourages entrepreneurs to keep the business name short. They are keeping the exact name means that it will be easier to understand and easier to remember. As a result, customers are more likely to find it quickly during a quick internet search, and they are more likely to spell it correctly. In this digital age, attention spans are short, and your business name needs to be easily consumed and understood by customers before they are distracted.

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Make it Unique

Again, Gamify can help by generating a list of creative names and may utilise puns or wordplay. Entrepreneurs are sometimes anxious to use their names as part of their business names. Experts advise weighing the pros and cons of this choice carefully. If your name is common and doesn’t speak to your brand, it may be easy to forget, or it may get confused with other businesses during a search. However, you are already established as an expert and are simply seeking to build a business around your expertise; utilising your name can quickly connect your previously-established network to your site.  

Make it Easy to Spell

Creating a business name that is hard to spell can alienate potential customers. While utilising puns or wordplay in your name may make it unique, be sure to use the standard spelling of words when possible. For example, if your business sells apples from your orchard, it makes little sense to call it “The Apple Orchard” to be unique. The name will be less likely to appear in internet search results, and customers are trying to find you will get frustrated. On the other hand, if you run a business that offers apple-picking services and you want to name it “The Apple Corp,” this choice makes more sense. The name is creative and short and utilises wordplay without confusing potential customers with odd spellings.

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What all of these tips have in common is simplicity. Keep in mind that when potential customers are looking for your business, they do not want to have to work too hard. A short, unique business name that is easy to spell will attract customers with its simplicity. In addition, clients will be more likely to remember it in the future because of these factors. It takes a lot of work to build a business. Be careful not to drive away potential customers with a complicated name.  

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