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How to Select the Perfect Size for Your Exhibition Stand?




Deciding on the right size for your exhibition stand can be difficult yet important for the general success of the exhibition. It is also essential that you consider certain aspects, such as the style or the design of the stand.

Your booth is the first thing your potential customers would look at, so keeping up with the aesthetics in your design is an essential factor to be attended to. Just picking out the right corner for your exhibition is not always enough for your overall success in the exhibition. A lot depends on how your potential customers feel about your booth.  

It would matter a lot if your exhibition booth could grab the attention of the people attending and have a creative design that would be remembered after the show. You can generate a very good return on investment if you give a chance to all intricacies of your exhibitions. In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can select the perfect size for your exhibition.

6 Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Stand for Your Exhibition

There are more specifics when selecting the size for your exhibition stand, which boils down to a clear vision and set goals. Below are some points to consider.

Calculating Your Budget

The first step you should consider when choosing the right size for your exhibition is the budget. Study your overall goals and aim for what you wish to reach throughout the exhibition, and calculate your budget.

It is not a good idea to spend a huge sum of money on booth design and disturb your budget if you want to go for an expensive design to compete with competitors. Put into consideration the rental options for your booth if it meets your budget and your situation. For example, nStands offers a variety of stands and designs that will fit your budget and help you improve your brand image.

You can also decide to rent exhibition stands. This will not only save costs but will help you get a better and bigger stand for your brand. Understanding your budget constraints will keep you in check and help you generate a good return on investment.

The Type of Exhibition

If you plan to exhibit at a prominent expo or a smaller exhibition, you can decide on the kind of stand you want. Doing research about the fair in advance gives you an idea about the brands that are participating and the stands they had before.


Doing that, you will get an idea of the companies you are competing with. If this is not your first rodeo, a little research will help to know the areas you need improvements for the next show.

Understanding Your Goals for the Trade Show

Every brand or company attends an exhibition for a purpose. Understanding that purpose and setting your target before choosing your stand will help you ascertain how big you want to go.

Deciding what you want to showcase on the display space is vital to choosing your size. In achieving these goals, you will need to think about the following:

● Introducing a new product

● Introducing a new brand

● Rebranding

● Developing leads and interacting with potential clients

● Live products showcase and more

Once your goal has been defined clearly, relate it to what you want to showcase, their size, how many of each, and how to create a unique exhibition stand.

You also need to know what else you would require on the booth, items like chairs, tables, storage rooms, display kiosks, and anything else taking up floor space. All the above will likely take up around 50% of your available floor space.

What Size Do You Need?

Another important factor that will help you determine the size of your stand is the space you are allocated at the exhibition. The space you rent is the size of the stand you will need.

A small space can make you go unnoticed, and a large space might exceed your budget with not enough left to fill it. There are many ways to maximize space on your exhibition stand, so your aim is to put your budget first.


When visualizing your stand size, it is always best to put yourself in the position of your visitor. This allows you to imagine the practical space you will need and the sweet spot you require.

Tight areas or spaces can turn visitors off and stop the natural flow of the stand. Depending on the space, you can do research on design ideas.

Manpower and Time

Another criterion that will help determine the size and stand types suitable for your brand is the time you have to arrange and dismantle the entire stand on the exhibition spot you have rented.

If your design is complex, it would require more time and manpower to assemble it than the normal functional stand. If you have a prominent company, you will have specific expectations from the audience on how big your booth design should be.

Consider all limiting factors before deciding the size of your exhibition booth. If you have enough time to fix up your stand and hire enough manpower, you can go for a grand design.

Interactive Activities

The activities you intend to showcase at your exhibition stand can also determine the stand types and sizes. If you are planning to showcase demonstrations, games, or you want to entertain people, then you will need a larger stand.

This will not only affect the size of your stand, but it will also have a substantial effect on your stand design ideas as well.


Exhibiting at a trade show can be an excellent marketing strategy; not only is it a good marketing strategy, it brings more awareness to your company, big or small. It doesn’t matter if you have the best exhibit; your location also matters.

Trade show booth design ideas also help boost your presentation during the show, but the critical point is choosing the right size for your exhibition booth. The more interactions, the more successful you are likely to be.

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