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How Much Does It Cost To Exhibit At A Tradeshow In The UK



Exhibitions are a great way to reach out to many prospective customers and create brand awareness. However, they come with many preparation costs and resources that you may need to plan for a successful exhibition.

The average cost of an exhibition varies depending on the size and complexity of your exhibition and your budget. Therefore, you might also want to consider other costs when calculating your exhibit’s total cost.

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1. Rent/ Floor Space

This is the most important as when you register for a trade show. You must pay rent for the area where you plan to put your exhibition stand. This can range between 100 pounds to 5000 pounds depending on your brand’s size and the extent you need for your exhibition.

This also depends on the type of trade show you plan to exhibit. There are many local trade shows if you want to save money and still advertise your brand and many international tradeshows if that is what you are interested in.

2. Exhibition Stand/Booth

This is another thing you will need to spend on for your exhibition. During a trade show, there are likely to be some stands that are more attractive than others; this is because they have styled their exhibition booths in a way that captures people’s attention.

In the UK prices for these booths can range between 600 pounds to 1750 pounds depending on the style and how big of a stand you want for your exhibition. Another economic approach would be to rent your exhibition stands; however, the only downside to that is you might not be able to customize it according to your brand.

Another option is getting¬†modular exhibition stands; you can easily reuse it on different occasions, and it will be styled according to your brand, so it’s going to be a great investment for future exhibitions as well.

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3.Staff Costs

Another major expense is the staff that is going to work on the exhibition. You must choose your staff wisely because the image of your brand depends on these people, as they will be at the forefront of representing your brand.

The total costs depend on the number of people you hire and the number of hours that they are going to work. In the UK, the hourly rate is set at 9.5 pounds. Adding this up can give us a complete view of how much staffing will cost.

4. Promotions

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It would be best if you advertised your exhibition so that you can guarantee a good turnout that is beneficial for your brand. The type of advertising you want for your event depends on how big your exhibition is. The bigger your exhibition, the more you will need to spend on advertising.

5. Other Expenses

These expenses can include the refreshments, delivery, other design costs, posters and flyers you might need, and any other miscellaneous costs. These costs might seem small, and they can add up to a significant amount and completely ruin your budget.

Therefore, it is possible to organize an exhibition for as low as 1000 pounds and can go up to about 50,000 pounds. But, of course, it all depends on what your brand is and how grand you want your exhibition to be, and what is your target for your exhibition.

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