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Masakatsu Shimizu: Troop Skill




Masakatsu Shimizu is a character in the popular mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms, whose unique ability centers around the Troop Skill feature in Busho Cards.

Troop Skills are special abilities that can be attached to Busho Cards, which are powerful cards that enhance the gameplay experience.

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill is focused on increasing the damage dealt by archer units, which makes him a valuable asset to any player who frequently utilizes this unit type.

Players looking to maximize their gameplay experience should not overlook the Troop Skill feature and the Busho Cards available, as they can give players a significant edge in battle.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player, this feature can greatly enhance your performance in Rise of Kingdoms.

Understanding Troop Skills and Their Importance

Regarding the game of dominoes, Troop Skills are integral to your strategy. Knowing the Troop Skills of a particular BushoCard/2228清水政勝 can give you an edge over your opponents.

Troop Skills are also important for understanding the game’s nuances, and can help you become a better player. In this article, we will discuss the Troop Skills of Masakatsu Shimizu and why they are important for success in the game.

How Troop Skills affect gameplay

Troop skills are essential in determining the outcome of battles in the game Masakatsu Shimizu: Troop Skill. Each troop skill offers unique benefits that significantly impact the performance of your army in battles.

Here are some examples of troop skills and their effects:

  • Troop Attack: Increases the attack power of your troops.
  • Troop Defense: Increases the defense and durability of your troops.
  • Troop Health: Increases the health and resilience of your troops.
  • Troop Morale: Increases the morale of your troops, making them less likely to flee.
  • Troop Speed: Increases the speed of your troops on the battlefield, allowing them to maneuver more quickly.

Understanding troop skills and utilizing them effectively to succeed and progress in the game is crucial. Strategizing and creating balanced armies with diverse troop skills can give you a crucial advantage in battles.

Different types of Troop Skills

There are three types of troop skills that you should know about while playing the game using the Busho Card 2228, Masakatsu Shimizu, which is known for its powerful troop skills. These troop skills are essential to build a robust and powerful army in the game, and learning how to use them effectively can help you win battles.

The three types of troop skills are:

1. Offensive troop skills: These skills enhance your army’s attack power, making it easier to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

2. Defensive troop skills: These troop skills improve the defensive capabilities of your army, helping you withstand enemy attacks and protecting your troops from harm.

3. Strategic troop skills: These troop skills provide buffs and debuffs that affect the overall strategy of the battle. They can be the turning point in any battle and help you gain an advantage over your opponent.

Understanding the importance of troop skills and choosing the right combination of troop skills for your army is crucial for your success in the game using the Busho Card 2228.

Benefits of Troop Skills in battles

Troop Skills are powerful abilities that can turn the tide of a battle in your favor. They are essential to winning battles and maximizing the potential of your troops.

Troop Skills can provide many benefits, such as increased attack power, faster movement speed, critical hit chance, and improved defense. These skills are unique to each troop type and can be unlocked and upgraded using Troop Skill Cards.

One of the best examples of Troop Skills is Masakatsu Shimizu and his BushoCard 2228. Shimizu’s Troop Skill increases attack and defense to all troops on the battlefield. As a result, this skill can significantly impact the outcome of battles, especially when used in conjunction with other Troop Skills.

Understanding Troop Skills and their importance can help you plan and execute better battle strategies to defeat your enemies. Invest in Troop Skill Cards and upgrade them to unleash their full potential in battles.


Masakatsu Shimizu was a prominent military commander in the late-16th century Japan. He was known for his strong leadership skills, which earned him the nickname “The Bull of Mino”.

His Busho Card 2228, which contained his troop skills and tactics, is one of the most significant military documents of the late-Sengoku period today.

This article will overview Masakatsu Shimizu and his Busho Card 2228.

Background and history of Masakatsu Shimizu

Masakatsu Shimizu was a notable samurai who lived during the Edo period in Japan. He was born in 1826 and served under the Shimazu Clan of Satsuma Province. Shimizu was known for his exceptional military prowess and leadership skills in battle. He fought in several conflicts during his lifetime, including the Satsuma Rebellion of 1877.

In 1880, Shimizu retired from military service and devoted his life to teaching martial arts and Zen meditation.

In modern times, Shimizu’s legacy lives on through the Busho Card 2228 – a collectible card game featuring historical Japanese figures. The Masakatsu Shimizu Busho Card features his portrait and a description of his achievements. The Troop Skill keyword on the card refers to an in-game ability that enhances the performance of Shimizu’s troops. The Busho Card serves as a reminder of the contributions made by Shimizu and other Japanese historical figures to the nation’s cultural heritage.

Key features of Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card is a unique trading card that features the talented warrior Masakatsu Shimizu with his special troop skills.

Here are the key features of this exclusive card:

  • The card is part of the Busho Card series, which features famous Japanese warriors and their skills.
  • The Masakatsu Shimizu card has the serial number 2228.
  • It lists his name, rank, and birthplace on the front of the card.
  • The back of the card details his skills, which include rally, breach, shield, and charge.
  • The card’s exceptional artwork features Shimizu in battle attire on the front, with his troop ready to engage in combat on the back.
  • Collectors and enthusiasts can use the keyword BushoCard/2228清水政勝 to search for or trade this rare collectible.

How to obtain Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card can be obtained by playing the mobile game “Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst”. The card, numbered 2228, features Masakatsu Shimizu, a character in the game, and his troop skill “Dirty Weight”.

To obtain the Busho Card, players must participate in the game’s Gacha event, a random reward system where players spend in-game currency to obtain random rewards such as troops, weapons, and Busho Cards. The Masakatsu Shimizu Busho Card may be found in the Gacha under the keyword “BushoCard/2228清水政勝”.

This powerful Busho Card can boost the stats of your troops and change the tide of battle in your favor. Don’t miss this opportunity to add Masakatsu Shimizu to your strategy and dominate the game!

Troop Skill Analysis for Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card (2228清水政勝), also known as Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill, is a powerful card that many players strive to have in their decks. This card has various powerful troop skills, allowing its owner to gain a considerable advantage in battle.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the various troop skills on this card and analyze the pros and cons of each.

Details of Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill

Masakatsu Shimizu’s troop skill is a valuable addition to any player’s deck in the Rise of Kingdoms game. In addition, its excellent defensive capabilities make it a popular battle choice.

Troop Skill Analysis for Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card:

Masakatsu Shimizu’s troop skill provides a 30% boost in defense and a 30% reduction in damage taken by troops with more than 70% health. This skill is particularly effective when used with defensive troops, such as infantry or cavalry units. It is most useful in the early stages of a battle when your troops have relatively high health.

Pro tip: Use Masakatsu Shimizu’s troop skill in the early stages of a battle to give your defensive troops a significant advantage against attacking forces.

How to use Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill in battle

Masakatsu Shimizu’s troop skill, “Art of War,” can be a game-changer in battle, provided it is used strategically.

Here is a breakdown of how the troop skill works and some tips on how to use it effectively:

Troop Skill: Art of War

Effect: Deals massive damage to a single enemy troop.

Trigger: After using a skill, there is a chance to activate.

Required energy: 100

Tips for using Art of War

– Pair Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho card with other cards with skills requiring high energy consumption to increase the chances of triggering Art of War.

– Use Art of War after using skills that attack multiple enemy troops to finish off weakened foes.

– Make sure to level up Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho card to increase the chances of activating Art of War.

– Use Art of War strategically against enemy troops that pose the most significant threat to your army.

With the right timing and utilization, the “Art of War” can make all the difference on the battlefield!

Evaluating the effectiveness of Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill against different opponents

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill is a powerful technique in the game, but its effectiveness depends on the type of opponent you are facing.

Against opponents with high defensive stats, Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill may not be as effective since it deals damage based on the difference between the opponent’s attack and defense.

However, against opponents with low defensive stats, this skill can deal significant damage and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

It is also worth noting that Masakatsu Shimizu’s Troop Skill is most effective when paired with other cards or skills that can lower the opponent’s defense or increase your attack.

To make the most of this powerful Busho Card and its Troop Skill, it is important to carefully evaluate your opponent’s stats and choose your strategy accordingly.

Strategies for Maximizing Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card In Battles

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card is a powerful tool that can increase your chances of success in battles. This Busho Card is filled with offensive and defensive strategies that can give you an edge over your opponents. By carefully considering your strategies and positioning, you can maximize the potential of Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card.

This article will discuss some strategies for maximizing Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card in battles.

Building a team around Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card is a powerful troop skill players can use to their advantage in battles. Here are some strategies to help maximize this card and build a strong team around it:

1) Include other commanders with troop skills that complement Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card, such as those that boost attack or defense.

2) Equip your team with weapons and equipment that also boost attack or defense, further enhancing the effects of Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card.

3) Strategize how and when to deploy Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card in battle, using its ability to boost morale and increase troop size to overpower opponents.

4) To create a well-rounded and powerful team, consider pairing Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card with other specialty troops, such as archers or cavalry.

By building a team around Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card and using it strategically in battles, players can maximize their chances of success and dominate their opponents on the battlefield.

Pairing Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card with other Busho or Troop Skills for maximum impact

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card (keyword: BushoCard/2228清水政勝) is a powerful addition to your troop in the game, Rise of Kingdoms. Pairing this card with other Busho or Troop Skills can maximize its impact in battles. Here are some strategies to consider:

Pair with Busho Skills: Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card provides a bonus to infantry units, which makes it a perfect pair with other Busho Skills that also buff infantry troops. For example, pairing it with Dragon Lancer’s Skill “Sun Tzu” (keyword: DragonLancer) or El Cid’s Skill “The Conqueror” (keyword: ElCid) increases the infantry units’ attack, defense and march speed, making them a formidable force in battle.

Pair with Troop Skills: Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card also pairs well with troop skills that augment the performance of infantry units. Pairing it with “Phalanx Formation” (keyword: InfantryPhalanx) or “Tactical Mastery” (keyword: TacticalMastery) enhances the infantry unit’s shield and damage-dealing abilities, making them a stronger and more durable force.

You can create a well-coordinated and effective army that dominates the battlefield by pairing Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card with other Busho or Troop Skills.

Tips for using Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card effectively in both PvP and PvE battles

Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card is a powerful tool that can be used effectively in PvE and PvP battles. To maximize the benefits of this troop skill, here are some strategies to keep in mind:

1. Focus on using Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card in attacking rather than defending. Additionally, this troop skill is more effective when used as a weapon, rather than a shield.

2. Choose the right timing to activate the Busho Card. It’s best to activate the skill when facing a strong enemy, preferably in a one-on-one battle.

3. Pair Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card with other complementary skills. For example, activating the Busho Card along with Toshizo Hijikata’s Busho Card can provide a powerful boost to your troops.

4. Upgrade the Busho Card to boost its effectiveness in battles. Investing in upgrading the Busho Card can significantly boost your troops’ attack power.

These tips can help you use Masakatsu Shimizu’s Busho Card effectively and increase your chances of winning battles in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

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