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Amazing Card Games To Try On The Nintendo Switch




Card classics like poker, blackjack, or solitaire reign supreme all over the world. Yet, local variants are just as popular, even if they never gain traction outside of their home turf. Rough estimations identify between 1,000 to 10,000 playing card games out there – all without accounting for their virtual iterations.

Many developers have put their creative spin on that timeless genre. Known for its versatility and broad appeal, Nintendo’s hybrid console has a few gems in its catalog, ranging from deck-building titles to narrative-driven action adventures. So, let’s explore some of the card games that pack a punch on the Nintendo Switch.


If you like your card games story-driven and compelling, Frost might be up your alley. Drawing inspiration from beloved board games like Dominion and mixing it with survival elements that wouldn’t feel out of place in video games like Frostpunk or The Long Dark, this solo survival card game puts a unique twist on the deck-building genre.

Set in a world of unrelenting cold, this single-player title requires strategic thinking, memory, and anticipation to find shelter away from the Frost’s icy grip. Your objective is to lead a group of frostbitten survivors to safety by carefully managing scarce resources, overcoming lurking predators, and coming up with crafty ideas to progress. With each new region you reach, the lethal storm follows, increasing the pressure on your party every step of the way.


Frost’s immersive world-building and beautifully hand-drawn artwork perfectly complement its strategic gameplay, which boasts dozens of card types to discover along the game’s arduous trek. Various difficulty levels add extra depth and complexity to an already tightly-crafted experience. Interestingly enough, a similar deckbuilding game titled Wildfrost is also available on the Nintendo Store.

Card Shark

Next on the list is another indie gem for the Nintendo Switch, albeit much less niche than the previous entry. Unlike most card-based games, Card Shark involves a little bending of the rules to cheat one’s way to the top. In this cunning period caper, the point isn’t to build a deck rather than to stack the deck against unsuspecting opponents.

Picked as one of the best indie games of 2022 by outlets like Screen Rant, this historical card cheat simulator tells the tale of a mute boy whose life turns upside down after a fateful encounter with the enigmatic Comte de Saint-Germain. Enlisted by this shady nobleman to swindle the high society of pre-revolutionary France, our budding con artist ascends from humble gambling dens to the King’s table in Versailles. As he rises through the ranks of French 18th-century aristocracy, he stumbles upon a conspiracy.

Navigating through this web of intrigue requires skillful tactics and sleight-of-hand to uncover the truth without arousing suspicion, all while swindling opponents without getting caught red-handed. Playing dirty comes with great risk, heightening the tension of each card minigame. If nerve-wracking, Card Shark’s 28 tricks are incredibly fun to master.

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics is an exclusive compilation for the Nintendo Switch featuring over 50 minigames. Walking in the footsteps of its Nintendo DS predecessor, Clubhouse Games, this party game includes a diverse array of board, card, and tabletop games. Whether it’s backgammon, checkers, dominoes, or yacht dice, this collection has it all.

Players can sharpen their skills solo or engage in multiplayer battles, provided they have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online service. In the lack of a subscription, the game’s AI is tough enough to make for challenging sessions in single-player. With its fun trivia tidbits and engaging tutorials, the title’s polished atmosphere fosters the immersion. Despite the game’s extensive lineup, however, card sharks may notice some glaring absences.


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Are you looking for innovative card games to play on the go? From historical adventures to story-rich virtual odysseys, countless Switch titles fit that bill. And there are many more card-based entries you can dive right in, from psychological deck-builders like Neurodeck to nostalgia-filled RPGs like Cardpocalypse.

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