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How Can A Web Conference Tool Help In Keeping Your Workforce Motivated?




Hybrid workforces have the capacity to assist businesses in reducing expenditure, enhancing productivity, and adapting quickly to any change in tougher times like the one during the global pandemic. But managing a remote working team comes with its own set of challenges, especially for the HR team, which is accustomed to training and onboarding workers delivering their skills in person.

The Society for Human Resource Management stated in one of its reports that 71% of employers found it challenging to adjust to remote work as a mode of operation following the lockdown. Clearly, learning to manage their remote employees posed a problem for the managers too.

Now, web conferencing software like the Adobe Connect app empowers communication and partnership across the world by creating digital conferencing rooms that use high-quality audio and videos to connect people all around. Web conferencing enables workforces and teams to have more personal and face-to-face relationship building, eradicating any bias of geographical locations.

The purposes of such a tool are:

  • Virtual Meetings: Scheduling “face-to-face” meetings virtually with clients located anywhere in the world.
  • Webinars: Online product sales by businesses, as well as audience engagement through educational webinars.
  • Video Calls: Web conferencing allows businesses with remote workers to conduct online video calls for collaboration.

This is how one-on-one meetings can be helpful in motivating your remote workforce:

These types of meetings enable managers to know each employee working under them very well and how they work or what they like the most about the role, or how they would wish any of our services to be. These meetings are a good option for receiving and providing feedback.

And if the manager keeps a lively nature and properly plans the meeting beforehand, then the session can prove to be more engaging and can enable good communication and enhance employee morale. Without any further delay, let’s dive into the advantages of one-on-one meetings:

Check on them/their level of motivation right before the meeting:

As a manager, do not just supervise or manage them. Make sure to keep track or at least let them know that their well-being and happiness at the workplace matter to the organization.

Use these meetings to gather a deeper knowledge of what motivates your employees and organize a work culture accordingly. This would help them to find and feel motivated from within and complete their tasks. The sole purpose of these meetings is to develop huge potential and motivation for the workers.

Try to know about their in-general well-being:

As a manager, take up the responsibility and ask simple questions regarding their health and a bit about their personal lives if they are comfortable with it. This would help you develop a deeper human connection with your remote workers.

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But if you offer just a formal introduction and jump to the work straight away, then the workers might feel intimidated. So, avoid that and be friendly so that they reach up to you in case they face any discrepancy.

Provide feedback:

Your remote recruit will understand that their contribution matters and affects the team goal when you provide them with honest feedback. Employee motivation can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as a fast email or a slap on the back. However, nothing beats providing feedback in a one-on-one setting, as they are more sincere, specific, and customized.

As a manager, you have more time to discuss an employee’s talents and develop them for increased effectiveness. Tell your direct reports how their actions have benefited the situation overall. Emphasize positive behavior and promote it going forward. In a one-on-one conversation, you can go over every little detail of their performance.

Discuss the challenges:

The underlying factors that contribute to an employee’s happiness and motivation also contribute to their unhappiness and dejection. You have a responsibility as a manager to identify the factors preventing your remote employees from giving their best.

Every employee on your team works through several types of issues each day. One of them might be dealing with a personal problem, while the other might not be taking your leadership style well. You must assist each of them, taking the assistance of one-on-one meetings in overcoming their obstacles as their mentor.

Discuss their career growth:

Workers who are confident in a defined professional path are more likely to be motivated and engaged. You can create a customized roadmap for their advancement while keeping their abilities in mind rather than giving them general recommendations.

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Similarly, you can even identify their obstacles and provide solutions. The most important input regarding an employee’s career path will come from you as a mentor. You can assist them in improving their abilities and overcoming their limitations. They’ll be inspired to give it their all if you show an interest in their growth and development.


Motivating your remote workforce can be very difficult, but using the above-mentioned tricks might reduce the task to a less hectic one.

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