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We are a finance blog, we contribute to the financial industry, and we post on applicable topics. Our main focus is on saving money, debt, investing, financial advice and money management. We also write a lot about the stock market and trading advice. We are a finance blog, and we contribute to the financial industry, and we post on applicable topics. Our main focus is on saving money, debt, investing, financial advice and money management. We also write a lot about the stock market and trading advice.

We are a site that helps you find the highest dollar for your money with a phone that you want. We will compare the prices of all the phones and help you find the best deal.

DollarBreak is backed by its readers and aims to be the definitive practical resource for making money online. If you sign up or make a purchase using the links in this post, we may be rewarded. Disclosure.

The best sites to earn pocket money

Highlighted studies

0.50 to $3.00 average per survey + Branded Elite Program – additional points for active participants

Average survey time – 15 minutes, minimum payout – $10.


Earn an average of $20 per month

The duration of the survey varies between 10 and 20 minutes

Surveys are available in over 40 countries


Most surveys report up to $1. Earn up to $50 per month

Up to 30% of the earnings of attracted users.

Rewards are sent within 24 hours and the payment threshold is only $2.

20 companies offer free t-shirts
1. Adidas

Adidas is a global sports brand that probably needs no introduction. If you participate in the Adidas product trial program, you will receive t-shirts and much more.

The minimum requirements you must fulfil to participate in the testing of Adidas products:

Be at least 18 years old
Live in the United States
Have Internet access and a valid email address
Read and write English
Provide body measurements
You may not test a competitor’s products
You may not share information about the product you are testing. This includes the exchange of personal messages, any social media or any other form of communication.

The products tested by Adidas are only available in limited sizes. You must also meet the minimum weekly activity requirements for your sport (these will be announced before you sign up for a particular product test).

The main goal of Adidas, which sends out free T-shirts and other garments, is to gauge your opinion before launching the new products to the public.

The downside to Adidas is that you have to return the free shirt after you test it and leave a review.

2. Dr. Pepper.

If you are looking for free t-shirts, you can join Dr Pepper and get a variety of t-shirts.

To get free t-shirts, you have to go to Dr. Pepper and answer questions about how you like the company. They will then offer you a free t-shirt.

Find out how to get a free Dr Pepper t-shirt here:

Buy 3 Dr Pepper 12-packs or 7.5 oz
cans by texting DRPEPPER to 64827. You will receive a request to send a picture of the receipt.
Take advantage of Dr Paprika
‘s free offer 3. Turkey Hill Dairy

Turkey Hill Dairy is known for its dairy products. And if you help shape the future of the company with your honest reviews and ideas, you’ll get a bunch of free stuff, including:

DessertsIced milkAnd even free promotional T-shirts

Just join the turkey slide newspaper for a chance to win a free t-shirt.

4. T-shirt sale

As the name suggests, you can order t-shirts from factory stores with some defects or imperfections for free at T-Shirt Outlet.

This platform offers free letterpress t-shirts through a distribution channel. To receive your free t-shirt, please fill out the form and provide your shipping information. You will be notified when you receive your free shirt in the mail.

5. Lemon

If you choose Lemon, you’ll get all kinds of merchandise, from loungewear to slippers to all kinds of cozy clothing to free t-shirt samples.

You do have to be a social media ambassador or influencer to qualify for the Lemon Test round and receive a free t-shirt and other free apparel.

6. MuscleTech

If you are looking for trendy but free corporate t-shirts, you can choose MuscleTech. This company offers clothing and energy drinks.

Just sign up on the MuscleTech website to receive free products and even exclusive offers.

To receive a free MuscleTech t-shirt, you must:

Be at least 18 years oldActive in fitness activitiesRequest the Fit Tester program by completing your member profileWait for program approvalReceive an email notification when a product matching your profile is availableReceive a free t-shirt in the mailTest the product and share your feedback with the companySave the free t-shirt7. Miller-Lite

You can win free Miller Lite t-shirts by entering your details in their national football promotion. To receive a free Miller Lite t-shirt, you must be of legal age in your state of residence.

You can enter your information up to 3 times and get 3 free t-shirts.

The free products you can get at Miller Lite are the following:

8. E&J Brandy

E&J Brandy is specialized in the production of brandy. It is considered the most popular brandy in America and comes in six different flavors.

To receive a free E&J Brandy t-shirt, simply leave a comment about the product on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The favorite commentator gets a free t-shirt.

9. Durable cotton

If you’re looking for a free t-shirt, go to the Strong Cotton website. This company often offers free t-shirt requests.

10. Kona ice cream

Kona Ice is famous for its ice creams with different flavors. And to reward its customers, Kona Ice offers free T-shirts every month.

To receive your free Kona Ice t-shirt, simply fill out and submit the online request form.

11. Brian’s health

Bryan Health’s main goal is to give all teens t-shirts and educate them about the importance of health.

When you join Bryan Health, you’ll receive a free t-shirt, as well as other coupons and cards.

Membership in Bryan Health is free.

12. 4Print

4imprint is known for the best customer support as they offer many free t-shirt designs.

As a member of 4imprint, you can receive and test personalized T-shirts for free.

To order a free personalised t-shirt from 4imprint, simply contact our customer service department:

13. Smokin’ Dave’s

Smokin’ Dave’s is famous for its jalapenos. And if you’re a jalapeño fan, you can fill out a form to receive a free t-shirt in Smokin’ Dave’s colors.

Please note that it may take 4-7 weeks to receive your free shirt in the mail.

14. Instructions

If you’re looking for a free canvas t-shirt, Instructure is probably the best site to use. There are no requirements to receive a free t-shirt, except that one must be a resident of the United States.

Instructure is a learning platform that helps millions of students and teachers by providing a user-friendly learning management system.

15. Crank handle

Flywheel is a WordPress-based platform that provides free online resources for designers and agencies.

To receive a free t-shirt, you must register on their website and enter your shipping information to enter the t-shirt drawing.

16. Tubi 60

Tubi 60 produces a citrus-based liqueur with an alcohol content of 40%. Although the company holds regular contests, there is no guarantee that you will get a free t-shirt.

Here’s a list of requirements you must meet to qualify for a Tubi 60:

Be at least 21 years old
Reside in the United States
17. Vodka ZYR

ZYR vodka is one of the most famous vodka brands – it even has the best ratings and reviews from Russians.

Find out how to get a free ZYR Vodka t-shirt here:

Buy ZYR Vodka
Make a post on your social media channel
Brand ZYR Vodka.

Once these steps are complete, a representative will contact you with shipping details and send you a free ZYR Vodka branded t-shirt.

18. LiveIntentional Weekly

LiveIntentional Weekly is a marketing platform that acts as a bridge between the brand and the audience.

To receive a free t-shirt, you must complete LiveInternational’s weekly surveys.

19. Alex R. White.

Alex R. White is a personal injury law firm that wants to educate people about not getting behind the wheel under the influence.

To support their mission, Alex R. White has offered a free t-shirt, and you can help them spread the word by wearing it.

Expect to receive a free t-shirt in the mail within 2-4 weeks.

20. Paradise

Paradosiaka produces Greek olives and herbs, and if you buy a product from them, you get a free t-shirt as a thank you.

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