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A Guide to Choosing the Right Forklift



Madland Toyota-Lift provides solutions that can increase speed and efficiency when moving products between fields, warehouses, and customers.

Picking out the ideal lift truck can be challenging. To prevent spending both time and money on equipment that won’t meet your needs in 12 months’ time, keep these seven factors in mind when making your selection.

Understanding Your Farm’s Material Handling Needs

Acquiring the appropriate equipment for your farm is of utmost importance. Machinery that’s too large won’t fit in tight spaces and cost more to operate than necessary; while equipment that’s too small may be less capable of performing certain tasks.

Modern material handling equipment allows you to safely lift and maneuver crated, palletized, and bulk materials quickly and safely. A skid steer for agriculture equipped with a bucket or silage defacer attachment can quickly dispose of compacted material, while a rough terrain forklift with a bin dumper helps reduce labor costs and speed production. Quick-change couplers make switching attachments simple, while other useful options, such as scale attachments, provide legal-for-trade weights. Meanwhile, thumb-grabbing power can offer ample grabbing power for fast grabs of material.

Finding the Perfect Fit: Valley Forklift & LS Tractor’s Pre-Owned Forklift Options

If a new forklift isn’t affordable for your business, Valley Forklift & LS Tractor understands the importance of finding a reliable pre-owned option. Carefully evaluating the quality of a pre-owned forklift is crucial. Asking questions оf both the dealer and seller will help ensure that іt functions appropriately.

Valley Forklift & LS Tractor’s team оf experts can guide you through the selection process. Determine the maximum load weights you must lift regularly tо make an informed decision regarding mast type and engine power, as well as telescoping mast options based оn transportation height requirements.

Consider your working environment. Dо you plan оn operating indoors, outdoors, оr a combination thereof? Knowing this will allow you to narrow down options that meet the flooring and surface conditions of your facility. Reputable forklift dealers, like Valley Forklift & LS Tractor, are committed to working closely with their clients to find the perfect fit rather than pushing products оn them.

Exploring Valley Forklift Models

There are various forklift models to choose from, each one offering different strengths and weaknesses. For instance, gas forklifts provide high torque but may emit carbon monoxide gas that could prove hazardous in poorly ventilated spaces or when operating at elevated heights.

An electric forklift uses rechargeable batteries instead of fuel tanks, eliminating the need for storage tanks; however, its limitations include slow movement or steep ramps. A rough terrain forklift has larger tires to help provide increased stability on uneven surfaces and can work on uneven terrain surfaces more effectively than its electric counterpart.

Warehouse forklifts utilize two extended forks to transport pallets of goods around a warehouse, while side loader forklifts work alongside tall racks to carry bulky materials such as timber or pipes. Order picker lifts allow workers to grab items directly off storage shelves without moving an entire pallet of material.

Comparing Valley Forklifts to Other Brands

Not only is it essential to examine a forklift’s features and capabilities, but also to compare its costs of purchase versus lease agreements. Businesses should consult financial professionals in order to select an option that aligns best with their operational needs and financial strategy.

Industrial counterbalance forklifts are popular choices for warehouses and stores due to their straightforward operation, load capacities, and stable surfaces. However, they may be less suitable for outdoor construction sites with uneven terrain or muddy conditions – in such instances, rough-terrain forklifts with inflatable tires may offer better traction and stability, making narrow aisle navigation much simpler. 

Telehandlers can lift loads up to 55 feet from above while featuring features like rotators or claws, which allow them to accommodate odd-shaped materials more effectively.

Maximizing Forklift Performance on Your Farm

There are various kinds of forklifts designed to complete specific tasks. Assessing your material handling requirements and work environment to find the appropriate type will assist with selecting an effective forklift type.

As part of your selection process, it is also necessary to assess the weight of your typical loads and select a forklift with enough lifting capacity for them. Exceeding that limit can damage both machines and pose health and safety threats to workers.

Not to be outdone by its predecessors, forklifts provide easy and safe transport of items between floors of an office complex or warehouse, making life much simpler for staff members and improving productivity. Another consideration when selecting your forklift should be its suitability for maneuvering narrow aisles or tight spaces, with electric models typically offering quieter operation while internal combustion ones offer more power and faster refueling times.

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