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14 Best Platforms Providing Babysitting Jobs (Earn Up to $15 per Hour)



14 Best Platforms Providing Babysitting Jobs (Earn Up to $15 per Hour)

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. When your kids are growing up and they move out of your house, you need someone to look after them. So you can hire a housemaid or a nanny for your kids. However, you also need to find someone to take care of your kids while you are at work. You can hire a babysitter. You can also hire an au pair to look after your kids in your absence.

Babysitting is an interesting career choice, and there are a lot of opportunities out there for those who want to earn a living babysitting. The benefits to working as a babysitter are many, and so are the opportunities. Babysitters can earn money from the comfort of their home, or they can go where the jobs are. If you want to make money as a babysitter, there are a number of ways to do it.

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14 best kids jobs

1. babysitting

Babysits is an online platform where you can create your own nanny profile and receive job applications. Moreover, the platform offers the possibility to search and apply for available jobs. This saves you time as you do not have to wait for the applications to come in.

To become a babysitter and get babysitting jobs, follow these steps:

  1. First, register as a nanny and fill out your profile.
  2. Then look at the open positions
  3. Contact the parent who made the offer to agree on the terms and timing of the assignment.

Average wage: $12 to $20 an hour.

2. Care.com

Care.com is one of the most popular platforms to connect you with your parents.

Follow these simple steps to become a Care.com nanny:

  1. Register as a nanny and create your profile. Show your experience and mention the type of work you are interested in.
  2. Once your profile is fully set up and approved, click on Find Jobs and start applying.

Average wage: $17 an hour.

Summary of care

  • Earn as little as $15 an hour for childcare, dog walking or elder care.
  • Real-time payments – in less than 30 minutes
  • Access to retirement benefits, unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Care.com offers affordable health and dental insurance

3. Sittersity

Sittercity’s mission is to provide American babysitters in the shortest possible time. This has created one of the largest nanny communities.

When you join Sittercity, you will receive requests directly from parents who need your services. You can also apply for open vacancies.

To get your profile listed, simply register as a nanny and fill in your contact information. Once you are approved, you can apply for jobs and receive inquiries.

Average wage: $16 to $22 an hour.

4. Bambino

Bambino is a smartphone application that helps you find a job as a nanny.

Here are step-by-step instructions for getting started with Bambino:

  1. First download the Bambino app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and sign up as a nanny.
  2. You must then provide at least one parent as a reference.
  3. Once you have provided all requested information and a reference, your application will be reviewed.
  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive requests from parents who want to babysit their children.
  5. Finally, you negotiate terms and schedule with the parent and get paid through the app.

Average salary: Fourteen dollars an hour.

Summary of bambino

  • The use of the babysitting platform is free.
  • Practical application
  • Uses a referral system that guarantees the reliability and authenticity of the sitters.
  • You get paid after each session and get honest feedback.

5. UrbanSitter

UrbanSitter is a platform that puts you in touch with parents who are looking for babysitters. To get a job through UrbanSitter, all you have to do is sign up as a nanny. The beauty of UrbanSitter is that you keep 100% of your earnings without paying any commission to the platform.

Once your profile is approved, you can contact the parents who have offered to babysit you, or they can contact you directly through your profile.

To join Urban Sitter, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • You have a clean record
  • Follow reanimation training

Average wage: $15 to $18 an hour.

City Sitter Summary

  • Top babysitters earn more than $1,000 a week
  • No commissions – you keep 100% of what you earn
  • Determine your own hourly rate
  • Work to your own schedule

6. Sitter

Sitter offers you two ways to find a babysitting job.

In all cases, parents may ask you to do a background check before entrusting their children to your care. Background checks typically require a social security number, criminal record, and national sex offender registry.

Average wage: $10 to $20 an hour.

7. SittingRum

SittingAround is different from the other babysitting jobs listed in this article. It puts you in touch with people in your area who may need a babysitter. But instead of money, the parents you work with will look after your children when you need them. SittingAround is essentially a babysitter exchange site.

Register to become a member of SittingAround and find people in your area to exchange babysitting services with.

Membership in SittingAround costs $5 per month or $15 per year.

8. I am looking for a babysitter

Seeking Sitters is another platform that connects you with parents looking for sitters. Because safety is a core focus of the platform, parents and babysitters must undergo a background check.

To work as a nanny through Seeking Sitters, all you have to do is register as a nanny. Make sure you tell about your experience in your profile as this will help you get more work.

Average wage: $10 to $15 an hour.

9. Bulle

Bubble is an application that allows you to easily get in touch with parents in need of babysitting. The platform is extremely flexible, allowing you to work on your own terms. This means you have the freedom to decide when to work and how much to charge your clients.

Becoming a member of Bubble is very simple. To start your babysitting career, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Download the Bubble application on your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Log in with your details and create a profile to showcase your experience.

Once Bubble releases you, you’ll get requests from parents who need you to babysit their kids. The app has a built-in time counter that allows you to track the number of hours you’ve worked, making the payment process fair and easy.

Average wage: $10 to $15 an hour.

10. to

If you have a car and are an experienced driver, Zum will put you in touch with parents who need a driver for their children. Depending on the parents’ requirements, you may be asked to supervise the children before, after or even during the tour.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to becoming a Zummer:

  1. Make your first application and get up to $500 signup bonus from Zum.
  2. Zoom will call you the same day to make an appointment online or in person.
  3. Finally, you must pass a background check and a vehicle inspection.

Once you are fully approved, the Zum app will notify you of available rides for the next day, which you can accept or decline.

Average wage: $32 an hour.

11. Comae

Komae is a shared childcare application. It simplifies the way people help each other with childcare. Komae is essentially a platform for exchanging babysitting services. This means that as a member of Komae, you take care of the children in your community and their parents take care of your children when you need them.

The use of Komae is completely free for everyone.

To join the Coma Community, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone and sign in.

12. Helpr

Helpr is an online platform that exclusively recruits experienced nannies and connects them with parents looking for nannies.

Thanks to Helpr’s focus on experience and safety, you can be sure of :

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in childcare.
  • Provide 3 recommendations for professional child care.
  • Submit to a background check and social media check.
  • Present a CPR certificate or be willing to obtain one.

If you qualify for Helpr, search for jobs in your state and apply online.

Average wage: $19 an hour.

13. eNannySource.com

eNannySource allows you to host your profile on the platform. Once your profile is posted, families looking for a sitter can contact you.

To get the job, you have to show a nanny certificate. And eNannySource offers 10% off your NannyTraining nanny certificate with the code NannyTraining.

To become a member of eNannySource, simply create an account and create a nanny profile detailing your experience.

Average wage: $10 to $15 an hour.

14. Babysitters4Hire.com

Babysitters4Hire.com gives you access to the offers published on the platform immediately after your registration.

In your application, make sure you provide detailed information about yourself and showcase your work experience. By submitting a complete application, you will certainly increase your chances of being hired.

Average wage: $10 to $15 an hour.

Is babysitting easy?

Yes and no. If you are watching a sleeping baby, this can be a simple task. On the other hand, it can be challenging to get through the day and deal with your child.

Either way, babysitting is a job that requires your full attention and a great sense of responsibility.

How much money can I earn as a nanny?

On average, you can earn $10 to $15 an hour as a nanny.

How do I find a job as a childminder?

  • First, learn the basics of child care. If you have no hands-on experience, the Red Cross offers an online course on the basics of child care for $45.
  • If desired, learn the basics of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Although it’s not mandatory, some recruitment platforms require you to have a CPR certificate.
  • Then advertise in your area or apply for babysitting jobs online. In this article you will find 14 of the best platforms to connect with your parents.
  • Finally, expand your network to gain experience and get even more jobs.

What should a nanny not do?

While most things seem obvious, here’s a list of things you should never do when babysitting:

  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • Do not take children from home without their parents’ permission.
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.
  • Never watch programs or videos that are not appropriate for minors.
  • No friends or family welcome.
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