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How to Swap WAX for Matic Without KYC?




3 Popular Non-KYC WAX to MATIC Exchanges

The crypto market is setting up slowly for another historic bull run. While the macroeconomic conditions and puzzle pieces fall into place, investors have a window to find the real gems that will allow them to make significant profits.

Polygon (MATIC) has been performing quite well in the bear market and has set itself up for success in the future. WAX, on the other hand, has had a hard time with the NFT space experiencing a significant downside in the past period.

In this article, we provide you with three KYC-free platforms where you can easily swap WAX to MATIC anonymously. Moreover, we provide some price predictions for both cryptocurrencies to help you decide which one you should choose.


Privacy in crypto is one of the most important aspects of the technology. However, it’s equally misunderstood and underappreciated. When using centralized exchanges that request personal data to use their services, you expose yourself to all sorts of privacy and security issues.

For example, if the exchange suffers a data leak, criminals can easily track your holdings and link them to your identity.

This is why KYC-free exchanges like Godex have been gaining traction in the past few years. Godex is a privacy-focused platform that allows you to exchange more than 300 different cryptocurrencies without having to register an account. While this streamlines the user experience, it also improves your security significantly.


Moreover, Godex provides seamless cross-chain swaps like WAX to MATIC or HBAR vs ADA. On more popular exchanges, these pairs do not exist, and you need to go through a stablecoin, adding another step to your trade. With Godex, every listed token can be interchanged with each other, which makes it a cheaper and faster option.

Swap Now

SwapNow is a privacy-friendly exchange that allows you to exchange hundreds of digital currencies with no upper limit. Like with Godex, you only need to provide your wallet address where you want to receive your coins and proceed with the exchange.

This also means that you can easily exchange WAX for MATIC, although the user interface might be a bit lacking by today’s standards. All in all, it’s a no-fuss option to quickly swap in and out various cryptocurrencies without having to register.

Atomic Wallet

As its name suggests, Atomic Wallet is initially a multi asset crypto non-custodial wallet, available as a mobile and desktop app. It now officially offers an integrated exchange that allows you to swap between most of the coins you can hold in this wallet.

The wallet also allows you to access advanced features of some cryptocurrencies, such as staking and managing NFTs.

WAX & MATIC Future Price

Before you sell all your WAX for MATIC, let’s have a quick look at some price forecasts for these two cryptocurrencies. It might allow you to make a more informed decision on whether this is the right move at this time. For reference, WAX is currently trading at $0.068 and MATIC at $1.

MATIC Price Prediction

Polygon has been making some strong partnerships with high-profile companies in the past year. Disney, Reddit, and Adidas are just a few of them. This allowed the project to gain significant traction despite the bear market.


Consequently, websites like priceprediction.net provide us with some strong bullish scenarios. For 2023, they predict a high price of $1.50. For 2025, the website hopes to see MATIC go as high as $3.32, and for 2030, their target is $23.44.

WAX Price Forecast

WAX has been struggling in the bear market due to the lack of interest of investors in NFT-based chains. Regardless, analysts still see some potential in the token, with priceprediction.net providing a max target for 2023 of $0.10. Going forward, they predict the WAX token will reach $0.22 in 2025 and $1.25 in 2030.

WAX to MATIC: Is It Time to Exchange?

While WAX and MATIC are both quite promising projects, Polygon is clearly the better one of the lot. It has provided some incredible innovations regarding Ethereum scalability, and the adoption rate of the network has been off the charts.

WAX could see similar adoption once the NFT space regains some of its appeal, but in the meantime, exchanging WAX for MATIC seems like the smart move.

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