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Free CRM for Businesses in 2024



It is well known that CRM is a software package that allows you to automate business processes. In fact, it is a full-fledged and intelligent control system. The introduction of CRM for free helps to modernize marketing, establish integration with other useful services. The main purpose of such software products is to create a productive chain from the company to the consumer. Interestingly, CRM can be implemented completely free of charge!

Features of CRM for Free

This type of software is great for small and medium-sized businesses and is used to optimize work in large corporations. It is worth noting that free CRM is relevant for SMEs, and large businesses usually use specially designed expensive software services.

With the help of such a unique system, the company solves many primary tasks:

● Carries out communication with clients.

● Modernizes the means of communication — notifications, data transmission regarding integration with third-party services.

● Simplifies the work of the staff.

● Maintains documentary, accounting, and warehouse records.

● Coordinates the work of all services.

● Stores, analyzes, and processes information on the services available in CRM for free.

That is, the software product creates automated accounting and management in all areas of business. Even in a free format, modern CRM confidently handles the processing of any amount of information. Accordingly, with a properly configured and implemented software service, the owners of SMEs can count on a stable increase in profits. At the same time, any inaccuracies, errors, and flaws that caused losses are recorded and analyzed using the CRM functionality.

Varieties of CRM System Products

In a generalized format, there are 3 varieties of CRM for free:

● Universal.

● Narrowly focused.

● Combined.

All of these types of CRM are relevant for running a successful business. However, when choosing a suitable software product, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics, capabilities, properties, and orientation of information processing. We recommend using universal CRM for free. For example, Bitrix24 is great for the SME segment and is able to perform diverse business tasks even in a completely free format.


This category contains the best CRM for free, which is popular among novice businessmen of different levels and is used in long-term operating companies. Versatility lies in a set of functions suitable for working in different directions. In the following sections of this article, you will learn in detail about the functionality and benefits of one of the most popular CRM for free — we will talk about Bitrix24.

In general, universal software services of this type usually perform the main tasks of collecting and storing information, creating effective channels of communication with customers, keeping various records, and analyzing business processes. As a rule, free functions are a bit limited, but for a small enterprise with a small number of employees, they are enough.

Narrowly Focused

As the name of the CRM for free variety implies, the concept of narrow focus consists of the presence of certain functions suitable for a particular industry. For example, there are developments for student scientific research, for trading companies in the SME segment, and for online stores.

It is worth noting that special CRM developments for large enterprises, holdings, and corporations belong to a narrowly focused category. However, they cannot be free. If you are an SME owner and want to install CRM for free for the first time, give preference to universal software.


This implies universal CRM for free, which is open to global configuration changes. That is, you can change certain functions at your discretion and customize the system for your chosen specialization or activity. There are very few such CRM systems, and in most cases, the combination takes place in a paid format.

Bitrix24: The Finest CRM for Free

Let’s take a closer look at one of the CRM resources. For example, Bitrix24, is incredibly popular among successful SME representatives. We will try to objectively assess the strengths and weaknesses and describe the functionality of the software.

So, Bitrix24 is a software package that is designed to optimize business operations and control an operating enterprise. I would like to point out immediately the key attraction of Bitrix24: You will not have to buy your own server since all information will be in cloud storage. You should not worry about possible leaks of any valuable information about the company. Such worries are in vain — all data is well protected, and only authorized users will have access to it.

The Bitrix24 system has a fairly large number of functionalities and additional options. The description of Bitrix24 contains information that it is a software package. Main functions:

● Creation of a corporate network of the company in the presence of pre-registration of the participants of the working group.

● Monitoring the work of the organization, including the formation of tasks, monitoring their execution, and maintaining statistical reports.

● Reliable storage for files. Depending on the tariff chosen by the company’s administrator or in the free version, the amount of disk space varies.

● A website builder.

● An application for making calls via IP telephony.

● Useful additional options are chat, calendar, and a closed—type social network.

● Integration with third-party services.

To start using the features of Bitrix24, you must complete the registration procedure. It should be mentioned here that the specifics of this process directly depend on the selected tariff plan. Currently, there are 3 tariffs — free and several paid ones. Their difference is that no more than 12 people can be registered on a free tariff. In addition, it has somewhat limited functionality, but for a small organization, this is quite enough.

If your company employs more than 12 people, you will need to choose one of the paid packages. The registration process for the free tariff is quite simple — you just need to enter basic information about yourself and the company. You will not have to provide any documents. To register for a paid package, you will need to provide certain types of documentation and provide more detailed information about yourself. Actually, this completes the registration procedure in Bitrix24, and you can start using the available functionality.

Learn More About Bitrix24

After completing registration in CRM for free, it is necessary to assign a set of technical capabilities for each user — an employee of the company. This process is actually the creation of a corporate social network. Of all the registered users, one main one remains — this is the system administrator. He can handle the distribution of connections and authorization for other users.

For each employee, you can leave a full set of features or provide individual limited functions. Clarification: This issue is being resolved at the company level, and the Bitrix24 developers have nothing to do with it.

It is possible to transfer all information from the cloud storage to the company’s own server. To do this, you will need a separate program, which can be downloaded from the Bitrix24 developer’s website. Such a procedure is not mandatory; the idea of using or rejecting belongs directly to the head of the company and depends largely on the specifics of the business.

Depending on the purpose of using the system, everyone can choose exactly the functionality that they need. The website builder allows you to create a unique design, then place it on a separate hosting and open public access to it. Thanks to the CRM task scheduler and calendar, you can control the entire workflow and generate statistical reports. It is worth noting that in the free tariff, the possibilities are somewhat limited, but if desired, the available functions are quite enough to optimize and organize control at work.


Thus, Bitrix24 is a universal software product for doing business. Thanks to the unified functionality, entrepreneurs and businessmen from all over the world can unite with each other and conduct online cooperation. I agree that this integration makes CRM for free indispensable for business in 2024. The possibilities of Bitrix24 and other similar software products are saving costs for creating your own software, improving the work of marketing specialists, and many other irreplaceable advantages.

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