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5 Ways to Maximise Your Google Ads Budget




In the relentless pursuit of maximizing budgets and saving money, businesses often find themselves in a marketing paradox—yearning to expand their reach without draining their budgets.

The struggle is real, and we get it. In a world where every penny counts, the challenge lies in balancing frugality and efficacy.

In this blog, we will give you 5 ways that you can maximize your Google Ads budget, unraveling the mysteries of cost-cutting without sacrificing the elusive return on ad spend. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or just dipping your toes into digital marketing, you will benefit from how we suggest you adjust your Google Ads approach.

Google Ads Vouchers

The most obvious way to save money when spending your Google Ads budget is to use Google Ads vouchers.

These vouchers can come in various formats, the most common being promo codes offered directly from Google.

When you set up a Google My Business listing, Google will often offer you a £400 ad spend in Google Ads if you meet certain criteria.

Google also offers promo codes to external partners such as site builders such as Squarespace or Wix, website hosting providers, and even domain registrars such as Namecheap, 123reg, or GoDaddy.

Normally, Google Ads vouchers or promo codes are only available to new Google Ads accounts as they incentivize new advertisers to test out the PPC platform without having to run the risk of budget wastage.

Organize Your Google Ads Account

Whether you can use Google Ads vouchers or not, organizing your Google Ads account is a crucial step to running a good campaign and maximizing your Google Ads budget. This tip may be obvious and too simple, but we often see Google Ads accounts needing to be better organized and laid out without structure.


The more organized that you can keep your Google Ads account, the easier it will be to keep track of all of your ad groups, ads, keywords, bid adjustments, etc., and the less likely it will be for your ad spend to run away from you and result in wasted ad spend and usage.

You can organize your Google Ads account in many different ways, but the most important aspect that should remain at the forefront of your mind when organizing your account is that it makes the most sense.

Optimize Your Keywords

Choosing the best and most relevant keywords for your Google Ads campaigns is crucial to achieving a desirable return on ad spend and quality campaigns. Identifying the keyword you do not wish to rank for is equally important.

How you bid for your keywords and what strategy you implement will have a big impact on your ads; you will need to prioritize bidding for high-intent keywords and best-performing keywords within your Ad campaign.

It is also important to consider what match type you put both your keywords and negative keywords in, as this will also impact how your ads perform and show for searches, thus impacting your Google Ads budget.

It is really easy to let a few keywords run away with your budget, so monitoring the performance of every keyword in your ad account is important to ensure you spend your budget as wisely as possible.

Optimize Quality Score

A good quality score is important when running a high-quality Google Ads campaign. The position of your ads will depend on many factors – one of these factors being the quality score. Your quality score allows you to attain a higher ad placement with a lower bid than your competition.

A higher ad position with a lower CPC will positively impact your ROAS, which is key to getting the most out of your Google Ads Budget. You can improve the quality score of your ads by writing compelling ad copy, incorporating keywords into your headings and descriptions, ensuring your landing page is easily navigated and well-optimized, and only using keywords with a quality score over 6 or higher.

These subtle changes can create great results and improvements in the quality score and overall cost per click.

Target The Right Users

One of the best things about the Google Ads platform for advertisers is the ability to target audiences. Their targeting options allow you to identify your target audience and the locations you want to target – enabling you to hyper-focus your ads and tailor them to those more likely to convert and more relevant to your products or services.

You can also adjust the bids for certain locations and audiences, allowing you to tailor and optimize your ads for better quality leads, resulting in a more favorable return on ad spend and making your budget go further.

Implement These Strategies

When you implement these strategies and utilize the various Google Ads vouchers available, you should see a positive change in how your ads perform and your budget is spent.


Suppose you still need help to see a change in your ad performance after running these strategies and using these tips. In that case, you can work with a PPC agency or expert who can provide tailored guidance and management of your Google Ads account to see better results.

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