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How Planning Can Change Your Life



Do you ever suspect that your life could use more organization, maybe even a bit of structured, long-term planning? Many working adults do their best to stay on top of job duties, social obligations, relationships, family chores, and other personal tasks. But, in today’s hyper-busy digital world, it’s not easy to keep up with schedules and goals. That’s where planning can come to the rescue.

Unfortunately, most people would rather do anything else than sit down and write a detailed life plan and organize their time. The good news is that the chore is much less taxing than many suspect. You can even use apps to help you get all your to-do items in good order and logically arranged on a master calendar.

What are the benefits of planning? In addition to having a better social life and achieving long-term education goals, a detailed plan can deliver solid results, like a more secure retirement, a rewarding career, a stable financial situation, and lifelong health. What’s the best way to get started? Focus on your social activities and begin with small things, like showing up on time for appointments. Here are more details about several of the core components of great planning.

Better Social Life

Whether you want to ramp up your dating life or take part in more social events, a little bit of planning can be a powerful thing. Consider using a dating app or joining an online club that can help you get matched up to others in a structured, safe way.

Just beware of scams and be sure to use your head to avoid getting caught up. Likewise, make a dedicated effort to be on time for all social commitments. Being successful with online dating and similar fun activities means making a detailed calendar that includes all the week’s happenings. Eventually, you’ll gain the confidence to use simple planning tools, like apps and e-calendars, to be an on-time person.

Education You Need

Earning a college degree is about more than just studying. You have to plan how to finance your education. The first step in the payment chase is applying for Going Merry scholarships, for money you never have to pay back.

There’s much more money available than most people think there is. The wonderful aspect of scholarships is that you can apply for them online and find out which ones you’re eligible for in a matter of minutes. Then, when you find out the results, you’ll be free to plan the rest of your college journey by selecting a major and deciding which school to attend.

Comfortable Retirement

The most advantageous time to make retirement plans is when you’re young. Those in their 20s and 30s have the luxury of using long-term interest compounding to greatly magnify their monthly contributions to retirement accounts. Consider adding the maximum allowable amount to your IRA annually.

If you have access to a 401k plan, speak with an accountant or financial planner about how to maximize your retirement income with even higher annual contributions. Keep in mind that when it comes to retirement funds, time really is money.

Long-Term Health

How can a simple plan make you healthier? It can if it includes annual or more frequent visits to the doctor, dentist, and other healthcare professionals for checkups and routine examinations. Don’t let a year go by without seeing your doctor.

Contact physicians, dentists, and others to schedule appointments for the upcoming months. It might seem like extra work, but early detection of disease and even minor ailments is the most effective way of prevention and treatment. Choose a week in late December or early January to make all your health-related appointments.

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