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10 Effective Strategies to Increase Your SoundCloud Followers




Are you on SoundCloud? How can you get more people to follow you? Struggling to get more people to listen to your new uploads? Want to discover the secret sauce to increase your SoundCloud followers to get discovered and bring potential listeners? Read on as this post will highlight some proven tips and tricks that help you stand out from the crowd and gain new followers.

1.       Understand Your Reason to Increase Followers

Before learning how to get more followers on your SoundCloud account, you need to ask yourself the key reason to get more followers. If your purpose is just to make your followers’ number look bigger to make people notice you, then you must keep certain things into consideration. Firstly, it doesn’t matter much how many plays your track has. The reason is that it will not help your music career at an extended level.

The number of followers and plays on your channel alone are not going to help you where you want to be in the music industry. You can get more followers and plays than your rivals, but they might have a huge number of real-world fans and be earning more money from their music and tracks than you.

SoundCloud is a great platform to connect with other artists or musicians in your niche and potentially collaborate with them. It offers an easier way to host and include your music on other leading platforms. In simple terms, your focus should be on acquiring more plays and followers and implementing other crucial tactics.

2.       Upload Quality Tracks

Before trying any strategy, it is important to ensure that the tracks you are uploading are worth listening to. If you skip this step, none of the other strategies will going to prove effective. Create high-quality music with a professional and tight mix to make sure it emerges unique and compelling among the crowd.

Also, emphasize the consistency of your uploads. Instead of uploading a bulk of excellent tracks simultaneously, release a unique track at least each month. It doesn’t matter what you are releasing is an original content cover, remixes, or anything else. Consistent uploads allow people to follow you as they know that you’ll keep posting something unique and will be willing to get notified when you upload something.

3.       Facebook Ads

To convert your music fans into loyal SoundCloud followers, you need to get them to your SoundCloud page. You might need to invest some penny in your music promotion on some or one boosted Facebook post. Be specific with what type of audience you want to target. For example, people who like an artist or musician like you, an audience interested in a particular genre, people who live in a specific nation, etc.


4.       Optimize Your Tracks For Discoverability

To increase your followers on SoundCloud, you need to get more listeners to your content. So, emphasize on ensuring that as many people find your music or tracks as possible. Optimizing your tracks for discoverability is one of the great ways to do that. Get your tracks on the Discover tab where most users go to search for new music and podcasts.

To get featured in this tab, optimize your Metadata. This will allow SoundCloud’s algorithm to pick your track first than others. Secondly, add descriptive and pertinent tags that describe the track title, artist name, record labels, or music genre.

5.       Network With Bloggers

Get featured on a blog by networking with popular bloggers. Each blog will get some music submissions daily. To start networking with bloggers, you need high-quality songs that are pleasing to the ear. Consider what bloggers find more interesting than what you want.

6.       Embed SoundCloud on Your Website

If you’ve your website, embed your SoundCloud link on it. If you don’t have it, create your website first. It will make you appear more credible and make more listeners follow you on SoundCloud. This will act as a central hub to keep all your tracks, opt-in forms, contest widgets, and landing page.

You can public music blogs to receive multiple website visitors each month. After that, include your SoundCloud music on your website to convert those visitors into your potential listeners. Moreover, you can use your website to sell your music online. Once you start receiving thousands of followers, you can improve your monetization opportunities by inviting them to purchase your albums.


7.       Pay For Followers

If you want to instantly bring more followers and are willing to invest some money, then buy real followers at FBPostLikes without requiring any registration or password. You will receive 100% safe and authentic followers who are active on SoundCloud. So, there is no risk of breaching any law or SoundCloud terms of service. You can get the number of followers you want immediately after making the payment through secure payment methods.

8.       Engage

Start engaging with a relevant SoundCloud community to socialize with target users. Reach other artists whom you believe might like your tracks and engage with their content first. Show engagement by liking their stuff, leaving comments, following their account, and developing a relationship. Hopefully, they will recognize you and discover your profile.

9.       Collaborate

Cross-promotion or collaboration is an incredibly powerful tactic to bring more audience and get your music trending across a wide level. Collaborating with other artists or musicians in your niche with an identical target audience helps with increased exposure. It will allow each of you to reach each other’s followers. Try collaborating with a trending and reliable artist with tens of thousands of real followers.

10.   Leverage Email Marketing

Email compelling newsletters about your new uploads on SoundCloud to get immediate traction. Sending your email subscribers will help you develop a stronger relationship with subscribers than with social media followers or casual website visitors. Create your email list by collecting email addresses at each show you play or begin blogging. Make your blog readers subscribe to get extra interaction.

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