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Why are MacBooks so popular among college students?



The trend of traveling with laptops is becoming more and more popular with college students, according to tech companies and college administrators. There are many benefits to using a laptop while traveling. While some students may prefer to use a tablet for ease of use and portability, laptops offer greater functionality and power.

With the success of the MacBook, the MacBook Air and now the MacBook Pro, it’s no surprise that college students use MacBooks. That said, this is a very recent development, and most students have only been using MacBooks for the past few years. The college student usage of MacBooks is particularly interesting because, on the whole, college students aren’t very technologically savvy. Many colleges still use Windows PCs, which haven’t been updated in years. Students also have less money than other consumers, which means that college students are typically more price conscious. So, when a new product comes out that provides a cheaper alternative to more expensive products, college students may end up purchasing it over a more expensive product.

College students everywhere can agree that buying a laptop is one of the best purchases they’ve ever made. And while it would be easy to assume all of them use their laptops in the same way, the truth is that most of them do not. They do not all use them to write papers, or make presentations, or play games; most of them use them to surf the internet, check social media, and watch movies.

A survey by JAMF, Apple’s data management company, found that more than 70 percent of students prefer a MacBook. Visit a college campus and you’re inevitably greeted by a swarm of MacBooks.

So why are MacBooks so popular with students? In this article, we will explore some of these reasons.

Brand image

First, Apple has created a strong brand image that few companies can match. This has made them a trusted brand, as many people believe that Apple devices last longer. This is not necessarily a lie, as Apple has excelled and mastered the art of consistency in laptop production. Other laptops go downhill faster than Apple’s because they keep trying new things to differentiate themselves from Apple. Trying new things isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some brands end up promoting laptops that haven’t been properly tested.

Safety and stability

The Mac operating system has some great innovations that make the laptop easy to use and safe. The operating system is based on the UNIX platform. This platform is proven and impervious to common computer viruses. Compared to other brands, Apple is the only brand that puts all the components into one laptop. Apple plans the hardware, the programs, the operating system, and makes it easy to use.

As Joan Young said: A small, thoughtful group can change the world by making a product that is not only better, but different.


MacBook leaves nothing to chance, making its laptops durable enough for everyday use by students. The case is unibody and has no moving parts that can jam or break, rendering the computer unusable. Even in the event of unforeseen events, such as. B. a fall, the power cord is automatically disconnected. The motion sensor also automatically protects the hard drive from damage.

Student-friendly tools

Student life brings its own demands and daily tasks. If you need to complete projects, you can get writing assignments from the experts at Advanced Writers.

MacBook comes with a lot of software to make student life more enjoyable. There are digital creation tools that students and teachers can use to create photos, movies, podcasts, slideshows, and more. Other built-in features, such as a calendar, word processor and email program, extend the power of your laptop. A MacBook offers tremendous functionality at no extra cost.

MacBooks also have a perfect ecosystem. You can start a task on your laptop and finish it on your iPad. Answer and receive calls at your MacBook.

Battery life

A fully charged MacBook will last all day. Of course, battery life depends on the intensity of use, but the average battery lasts about 12 hours. With intensive use, the battery lasts about 7 hours. This will greatly improve the user experience for students. You can change the battery settings and check the battery life periodically to extend the life of your MacBook. So the student can work where he or she feels most comfortable. This energy efficiency makes MacBook environmentally friendly.

Flexible connection

MacBooks have very flexible connection options. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ports automatically detect and connect wirelessly. You can easily switch from the WLAN at home to the WLAN at school. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use Bluetooth headphones and a wireless mouse.


One of the best things about MacBooks is compatibility. You can run Windows on your MacBook. If you have a Windows application, you can run the Windows operating system and install your application. It also runs software such as Microsoft Office. When you connect your MacBook to your network environment, the connection is seamless and you can easily share data with other computers and printers.

Another reason MacBooks are popular with students is that they have iPhones. Satisfied with the service they get with the iPhone, they naturally choose the MacBook. It’s also easy to sync all their devices. MacBooks and iPhones are better than PCs and iPhones.

Fine design

The MacBook has a slim design, making it very comfortable for students to carry around. It is only one centimeter thick and weighs about 2.5 kg. It can be easily stored in a desk or backpack. It is designed for students on the go and can be taken anywhere.


The MacBook has one of the best displays in the laptop industry. The perfect mix of pixels brings the tasks to life. If a class requires additional display options, your MacBook supports external projectors and displays to show large images. The simple navigation also makes it easier to operate.

MacBook Keyboard

Students have to type a lot. Whether it’s writing reports or taking notes during class. MacBook has a butterfly keyboard that is very comfortable to use due to the large vertical space under the keys. This makes the input more accessible and adaptable.

Physical location

In addition to all these benefits, there are Apple Retail Stores in almost every city where you can take your device if it breaks down. This plays an important role in Apple’s success. Being able to try out a product before buying gives a person a clear idea of what to expect, which increases the likelihood of a purchase. It’s reassuring to know that you can take your device to a physical location in case of problems.

Concluding remarks

While cost is not a factor, students will naturally prefer a MacBook over a PC. Style, design and compatibility have played a major role in the success of the MacBook. Surveys show that some students find the price too high, but they still choose the MacBook because they find that this Apple laptop offers the best value for money compared to the competition. They last longer and you don’t have to keep paying renewal fees.College students are often so busy between classes, exams, and other school responsibilities that they don’t have much time for themselves. But even though laptops are expensive, students don’t seem to mind the cost. Why? Because laptops like MacBooks offer an easy way to study in the classroom, keep up with social media, and also meet up with friends and family. So, why are college students using MacBooks?. Read more about are macbooks worth it for college and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are MacBooks good for college students?

For many years, Macs have been the go-to choice for college students. The Mac is known for being user-friendly, while still being powerful enough to handle the tasks of many college students. While Macs may be pricey, they are worth the extra cost. Macs make it easy for students to get work done, and they are durable enough to survive the rigors of college life. You might be surprised to find out that college students choose MacBooks over others laptops, because the MacBooks are light weight and powerful, which makes them easy to carry and use. Most college students, like students at high school, uses their MacBooks all day long and have no problems with their laptops.

Do college students prefer Mac or PC?

Apple’s Macbook laptops have been a staple in the college department stores’ Macs and PCs for years now. Why? Why, oh why, do college students prefer the MacBook? While today’s laptops have become incredibly powerful and capable, where did this knowledge come from? In the late 1980s, Steve Jobs eliminated the built-in floppy drive from the original Mac, so students could focus on their work instead of juggling documents. Jobs also introduced the now famous “1984” ad campaign, which was designed to generate public fear of a then-upcoming 1984.

What percent of college students use Macs?

Today’s college students are impacted by the number of Mac-based devices available to them. In fact, many of them have their own Mac laptops and/or iPads. And if you look at college student’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, you’ll notice that a lot of them are pretty into Apple products. But what percentage of college students use a Mac? It’s no secret that Macs are more popular than PCs when it comes to college students. While a PC may offer greater flexibility and security, the average college student is more likely to have a Mac on hand, which is great for projects that require a Mac, but it’s not so great for that paper you’re writing.

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