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Tech Tools For Property Managers 



It’s been a busy year for property managers. Regardless of whether you’re a one-person-shop or a large team, managing a property can be an incredibly time-consuming task.

If you have a busy schedule and you need to keep track of your properties, you may need a helpdesk software. Here are some useful free tools that you can use to track your properties and get back to getting on the ground floor for property management.

Property management is a tough job, but the tools you use to make that job easier are just as important as the work you’re doing. Over the past few years, I’ve tried a number of tools designed to help me with my job, and they’ve all proven to be the real deal—but I’ve also learned that there are some tools that are simply overhyped. Here are eight tools that are under-appreciated but still incredibly useful.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/AOTwXPZtdg4If you manage a large number of properties, you know that your work involves a lot of data. However, effectively managing this data can take time that you don’t have.

But you’re lucky. There are many technological tools that help property managers do their jobs more efficiently. Whether you need to track rental properties, service requests, tenants or accounting, the tools below help professional property managers work more efficiently.

Google forms

A large part of a property manager’s job is collecting data and information from your tenants. If you want to know if a tenant is happy with their apartment or what time is best to repair the roof, you can use Google forms to collect data and conduct surveys.

There are optional applications for Google Forms that allow you to store all survey data in a single internal spreadsheet. This means you don’t have to perform manual checks on the survey. You can also use a Google Forms alternative to create surveys.

Large schools

When a family moves to a new city, they often base their housing decision on the quality of the schools in certain neighborhoods. GreatSchools offers the ability to search by zip code and address and to view nearby schools by type and ranking. A smart property manager can use this tool to attract people who want good schools for their children.


This site is a convenient one-stop shop for everything a property manager does or needs during the day. There are blog posts, articles, news, property management software recommendations, and lots of other useful property management information.


Property managers need to pay attention to the opinions and valuations of the properties they manage. This site is very popular with apartment hunters who want to know what it is like to live in a particular apartment complex. The site allows residents to give feedback on the buildings, staff, services, employees and much more.

Rich blocks Poor blocks

This application visually displays rent and income data for almost every county and zip code in the United States. You can enter almost any address and quickly get information about the median income at that address. This software helps property managers track income levels in areas adjacent to their properties. This ensures that they offer competitive prices for their properties.

Multi-tenant reader

This is an excellent resource for housing market updates and information on the demographics of the area. The site also has many tips on marketing and what not to do to become a successful property manager. The site is full of useful tips and articles to help you make informed decisions based on reports, trends and forecasts.


This is an obvious recommendation, but we’ll do it anyway. Effective management of apartment buildings, condominiums or other rental properties requires data collection and attention to detail.

Being a good manager also means conducting timely inspections, documenting needed repairs, taking pictures, etc. These are time-consuming tasks performed in the field. Trying to keep track of everything with pen and paper leads to mistakes. Using a mobile device such as. B. of an iPad can simplify all these tasks, synchronize data and prevent human error.

Microsoft Office 365

You may not realize it, but this is a great product for busy property managers. You can back up and sync data through the cloud, which is essential for managing tenants, units, accounting and repairs.

Office 365 includes all the necessary applications – Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more – that allow property managers to share important information wherever they are. You can also collaborate with stakeholders, hold online meetings and back up sensitive data.

Being an effective property manager is an ongoing process, but it becomes much easier when you rely on the powerful technological tools listed here.The technology world is a place where new and innovative products are created every day. From cell phones to computers to video recorders to MP3 players, there are countless products that make our lives easier. There are, however, some items that are not as widely used, but can be useful to anyone who is looking for a quick solution to a problem. Here are 8 amazing tech tools that will help you be more productive and efficient at your job.. Read more about best free property management software and let us know what you think.



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