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AV Savvy: Essential Do’s and Don’ts for Successful Meetings and Events




Good sound and visuals can make a big difference when planning a meeting or an event. That’s where Audio Visual Solutions come into play, helping everything run smoothly so your audience stays engaged. Here are some simple tips to help you use AV technology like a pro!

Choose the Right Tools

Do: Pick the Right Equipment

Make sure you choose the right gear for your space. Whether it’s touch screens for interaction, in-ceiling speakers to save space, or a fixed frame projection screen for clear visuals, picking the right tools from a wide range of Audio Visual Solutions will enhance your event.

Don’t: Overcomplicate Your Setup

Keep it simple! Don’t drown in technical details. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to setting up technology.

Set Up Early

Do: Test Everything Beforehand

Always set up and test all your equipment, such as your video wall mounts and digital signage solutions, well before the event starts.


 It gives you time to adjust if something isn’t working right.

Don’t: Leave It to the Last Minute

Rushing to set up your AV Solutions can lead to mistakes. Give yourself plenty of time to troubleshoot.

Sound Matters

Do: Use Quality Speakers

Good sound is crucial. Wireless or high-end outdoor speakers can provide clear audio that ensures your message gets across.

Don’t: Ignore Acoustics

Think about how sound travels in your venue. Hard surfaces can echo, so if you’re using in-ceiling speakers or pendant speakers, maybe add some soft materials around them.

Keep It Interactive

Do: Engage Your Audience

Use interactive screens to get your audience involved. Touch screens can make presentations more engaging, whether you’re conducting a training session or presenting new ideas.

Don’t: Forget to Provide Instructions

If you’re using advanced tech like a home controller or interactive displays, explain how to use them to everyone. A quick tutorial can keep everyone happy and involved.

Visuals Are Key

Do: Choose the Right Screens

Whether it’s a massive video wall or simple digital signage solutions, make sure your visuals are big enough to be seen from the back of the room but not so huge they overwhelm the space.

Don’t: Skimp on Quality

A blurry image can ruin even the best presentation. Invest in high-quality screens and projectors to showcase your visuals in the best light.

Plan for the Weather

Do: Prepare for Outdoors

If your event is outside, ensure your Audio Visual Solutions are suitable for outdoor use. High-end outdoor speakers and robust video equipment are must-haves.

Don’t: Let the Weather Ruin Your Day

Always have a backup plan. If rain threatens your event with high end outdoor speakers, ensure you have covers or can move things indoors quickly.

Ensure Reliable Connectivity

Do: Check Your Connections

Make sure all your cables and wireless connections are secure. It is essential if you’re using things like wireless speakers or a video wall. A stable connection means no cutting out or lost signals during your event.

Don’t: Forget to Have Backup Cables

Always keep extra cables and batteries on hand. Even the best setups can have a surprise hiccup, and being prepared means you can fix issues fast without disrupting your event too much.

Handle the Controls Easily

Do: Keep Controls Simple

Keep the controls easy to understand and use if you’re using tech like a home controller or touch screens.


This way, anyone can operate them without confusion, making your event smoother.

Don’t: Overload With Tech Jargon

When explaining how to use the equipment, use clear and straightforward language. Don’t confuse your guests or staff with complicated terms. Everyone should feel comfortable using the technology.

Make AV Your Ally

Using Audio Visual Solutions wisely can turn a good meeting or event into a great one. Remember these simple do’s and don’ts, and you’ll be ready to impress your audience with a flawless presentation. So next time you plan an event, think AV savvy and make your gathering a hit!

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