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Successful Completion of a Vault Of The Incarnates Raid



Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid level in the Dragonflight expansion. The level consists of 8 bosses and has been available since December 12, 2022, on all difficulty levels. As with most raids, there are the following difficulty levels: quest raid, normal, heroic, and epochal.

Specifics of the Raid

If the first boss (Eranog) is defeated, players are directed to two separate wings with three more bosses each. Only then do they reach the final boss? There is no Personal Loot menu in the raid, only group inventory distribution. The exception to this is professional reenactors, who use personal loot where appropriate.

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It is important to note that item-level restrictions on trading between members of your raid group have been removed. You can trade inventory in a raid with level upgrades, as long as it does not relate to enhancements, such as rings or necklaces.

Achievements and Rewards after a Raid

Among the rewards and achievements are the following:

● Upgraded Protodragon: Storm Eater

Glory of the vault of the incarnates (gives Raging Magmammoth)

● Multiple choice maunts: Subject to certain conditions

● Items with unique looks, special effects, or trinkets are dropped from bosses during a raid.

The harder the level, the more rewards players get for completing it. The task is exacerbated by the fact that it takes several hours to complete, and level 70 is required. That is, the raid gives a large number of bonuses, although they are much more difficult to obtain.

How to Complete a Raid

Successful passing will only be facilitated by adapting to each boss individually.


On the first boss, you need to focus on Flamerift, with all players, must be in the same place. Only melee heroes should stay behind the boss. Adds will appear, so you need to attack them quickly across the square. Healers are actively dissipating the Healing roar in the meantime.


Healers should remember – taking down Awakened Eart with the Concussive Slam ability deals damage to the whole raid. Terros should have one tank with the boss to prevent Tectonic Barrage. Players also need to be in the same spot for the Rock Blast effect to take effect.

The Primalist Council

Serious raid damage is required in this battle, as bosses need to be killed at the same time. Mythic+ Bilds will come in handy here. Combat overall will not be difficult. To defeat the Primitive Council bosses, you need the tanks to keep the bosses in one spot and the group to be dispersed. It is necessary to stay away from others because of the Conducting label and other bosses’ abilities.


This battle takes place at the top of the map on three platforms. Falling means death, and Raszageth will do anything to take down the player.

● Thunderous Blast must be avoided

● Blue circles above the players say players need to spread out on different sides

● Next up is the Tempest Wing ability; to take less damage, you should run toward the boss

● Also, to avoid debuffs from the Storm charged ability

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In the last phase, players will encounter all of the boss’ abilities, and it’s something to be prepared for.  That’s why the Vault of the Incarnates boost is sought after by players. The above are not all recommendations and nuances of this raid. In fact, its successful completion is even more difficult. To get loot and achievements without much difficulty, it is possible to turn to professional players.

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