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Intuition in Gambling – Should You Trust it



When a person is involved in gambling at new UK casino sites, he should rely not only on luck and chance but also on intuition and logic. Many people think that logic is much easier to train than intuition. If we talk about the amateur playing online poker, then to succeed in this field, he will have to learn how to manage the game, including logic and intuition.

Today, a lot of players are wondering if they have intuition or not. So far, no one has invented such a miracle device that allows you to determine the degree of intuitive giftedness of a person instantly. This means that we have to make do with our strengths and various methods. Some people think that intuition is a gut feeling, while others are sure that it is an innate gift that not everyone has. Now it’s time to understand what it is.

Intuition in Poker

If we focus on the great players who have put their names in the world history of gambling, it is worth saying that each of them had an amazing gift. It turns out that they imprinted in their heads the moments when their opponents played this or that hand.

In addition, experienced poker players perfectly remember the look of their opponents at a certain moment. Thus, this information is accumulated in the head, based on which one can make decisions in the course of the poker game.

To quote poker legend Doyle Brunson, his book contains many smart thoughts. For example, he claimed to have repeatedly tested his gut by recalling earlier life events. If something happened at the poker table, then Brunson would replay in his mind the same incident that occurred in his life before and then try to remember what his opponent did in a similar situation.

According to another famous poker player, Lane Fleck, he does have amazing poker intuition, which has been built up over the years. Fleck is sure that his instinct is more like a sixth sense. He admitted that he doesn’t fill his head with unnecessary information. For this reason, he doesn’t read books at all and doesn’t get into heated discussions with other players for hours on end.

Intuition in Online Betting and Gambling

If we’re talking about online sports betting or gambling in bonus casino, intuition also plays a significant role. For example, an American handicapper wrote a book about how he felt when a horse at a race won or lost. He claimed that he was confident that the horse on which the bet was made was guaranteed not to lose. This «overpowering feeling» came out of thin air to him.

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According to the handicapper, this same feeling is more like a huge emotional wave, which inspires confidence that the future regarding the outcome of the competition is already known in advance. Such an emotional wave occurs very rarely, but its appearance can change the will of the gambler overnight.

What is the Result?

Of course, not every gambler or experienced poker player can become great and immortalize his name in the history of world gambling. However, some people do have a knack for controlling their intuition. This unique ability allows them to easily read the minds of opponents and predict the outcome of the selected event, which has a positive impact on the results of betting.

Gambling Logic

If you think that intuition is not an assistant in a difficult situation, then it is worth paying attention to logic. It’s about learning how to:

  • calculate mathematically;
  • think logically;
  • to use your knowledge and observations.

If you master such a skill, then you will find yourself at the «unconscious knowledge» stage. This means that the right decision will automatically enter your head at the right moment.

Logic in Poker

The poker industry knows many experienced players who do not rely on intuition but rather trust logic, which rarely fails them in the most crucial moments. Professional poker players don’t go head-to-head but consistently make decisions and do excellent mental math. Often players need to perform several steps to get the desired result. Their logic lies in consistent reasoning so that later they can explain how they came to that conclusion.

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As practice shows, the best of them can easily solve Monty Hall’s paradox or Leo Tolstoy’s problem.Some poker players, who then became writers, consider logic to be a formalized way of thinking, accompanied by the creation of various theories, assumptions, and conjectures. Professional players recommend to their readers in any difficult situation to reason logically to realize why this decision was made and not another.


If you intend to develop logic, it is recommended that you first start learning poker theory. Nowadays, everyone can access the Internet, which opens up unreal possibilities for studying such information. However, intuition plays a key role in gambling, so it is extremely important to learn how to develop it and use it correctly. The most important thing is to make attempts and not to stop, then you will definitely succeed!

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