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Fun Ways to Explore Your Sexuality



Very few people explore their sexualities, not because they are afraid to, but just because the thought of doing so has never occurred to them before. Exploring one’s sexuality can be an extremely liberating experience, making it worthwhile. Doing so can lead you to discover things about yourself that you never knew, like fetishes that interest you, for example.

If you have never taken the time to explore your sexuality but are interested in giving it a go, then this post has got you covered. Here are some fun, interesting, and exciting ways for you to explore your sexuality:

Watch Pornography

The first step that you need to take if you are interested in exploring your sexuality is to watch pornography. There are thousands of different porn categories for you to check out online. The good thing about pornography is that it’s anonymous and very impersonal. You can look at anything within reason. If you are exploring, then make sure that you check out categories of porn that might not interest you, like ladyboys or maybe even full-on gay porn.

Consider Meet-ups

If you have an idea in mind of what interests you but want to explore it more, then consider using meet-up sites. Meet-up sites are a little different from hookup sites in that they are used purely for sex and nothing more. You can find people on such sites willing to give you your first gay blowjob, for example. However, what you won’t find on them are people looking for serious relationships or even casual ones. If you are going to meet somebody for sex, get to know them first and meet them in a public place before going somewhere private.

Use Hook-up Sites

As mentioned in the previous section, hookup sites are different from meet-up sites. However, it is still possible to find people interested in having casual sex on hookup sites; it’s just that sometimes the people using hookup sites are also interested in casual and even serious relationships. Such people never find their way onto meet-up sites. If you are going to use a hookup site or a meet-up site, then make sure that you explain a little bit about yourself on your profile and that you post a picture that is an accurate representation of how you actually look.

Toy Experimentation

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If you want to try out gay sex but you are a little apprehensive, then you could consider using sex toys. Experimenting with sex toys can be a great way of finding out what gets you off. If you do intend on using toys, then take some time to do your research first and find one that’s well-reviewed, high-quality, and designed with pleasure in mind. A toy’s reviews can help you to determine whether or not it is worth using. Additionally, a sex toy’s reviews could also give you insight into how they are commonly used.

Attending Orgies

Orgies are when groups of strangers meet for sex. Usually, they are private. You have to sign up for a sex club in order to attend them. If you are able to find one in your local area, then signing up could be a great way of exploring. The best thing about orgies is that both men and women attend. This means that you can play with both, helping you to figure out what’s to your liking. In order to gain entry to sex clubs, you first have to prove you aren’t carrying any sexually transmitted diseases. You can do this by getting a certificate from your local sex clinic.

Involving Partner

If you are in a relationship, then make sure that you involve your partner in your exploration. Not doing so could upset them. It is especially important to involve your partner if you are confident that you are not attracted to people of the opposite sex but are just interested in trying out new fetishes. If you are coming to terms with the fact that you might be gay, then you may not want to involve your partner because showing them you are interested in men could destroy your relationship (or show them that you have no future together).

Going Cruising

If you are interested in men, then cruising is a good idea. Cruising is when gay men meet for anonymous sex. If you are interested in this, then you can find out about local cruising locations by networking with gay men in your area online or by hanging out in gay bars for a few days or weeks, getting to know people. Sometimes, the toilets in gay bars are the best places to go cruising. Make sure that you always wear protection when you are going cruising so that you do not end up picking anything nasty up.

Hiring Escorts


Escorts are another great way of having anonymous sex. Escorts won’t judge you. After all, it is their job to please their clients. Whatever you ask them to do, they will do, within reason. Make sure that when you are looking for escorts, you find ones with good reviews who have tested negative for STDs and STIs. Most escorts who have tested negative for such things will openly publish their negative tests on their site. Some will even require clients to take tests, too. Hiring escorts can be expensive but is nonetheless still worth considering.

Staying Safe

Whenever you are having sex with strangers, you need to stay safe. However, safety from diseases isn’t the only thing that you need to think about. You also need to bear in mind that when meeting strangers, you could be meeting anyone. While sexual violence is rare, it does happen. Always meet any strangers in a public place first, just so you can verify they are who they have said they are online. Also, meeting people in public first will give you two an opportunity to be caught on various cameras and seen by other people, which should deter your match from behaving inappropriately.

Exploring your sexuality can be a very entertaining way of spending your time, not to mention satisfying. There are many ways of exploring, though those outlined here are definitely the best. Give them some consideration.

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