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What to Know Before Purchasing a Mattress




Selecting a new mattress is not something to take lightly, sleep has a significant role in our health and in our daily functions. Everyone has their own preferences and needs when it comes to sleeping. Nowadays, there are numerous choices available to suit nearly everyone’s needs. But How do you choose the right one?

Know Yourself

The first step before starting to look for a new mattress is to think about your own sleeping preferences and habits. This information will be immensely beneficial in steering the search. Also, consider any specific requirements, there are plenty of mattress stores that offer convenient deals in a variety of models.

What are the Options?

There are several characteristics that can define a mattress, the components and the level of firmness are the most relevant. The innerspring mattresses are made by an inner coil sistem underneath layers of foam. It is possible to find a variety of innerspring mattresses featuring different characteristics, such as continuous coil systems and pocket springs.

Another option are foam mattresses, which are made completely by foam without springs.


These mattresses are not as bouncy as innersprings, and its surface provides a pressure relief while contouring the body. Memory foams are also helpful in reducing disruption from the movements of a partner.

There is a third option that can blend the best of foam and innerspring mattresses. The hybrid mattress combines the innerspring support with the comfort of the foam, also they are made with an additional layer of micro coils to improve pressure relief.

Levels of Firmness

As we mentioned before, it is crucial to know your preferences to select the perfect mattress for you. The degree of firmness ranks among the primary considerations for users. For users that sleep on their stomach it is best to opt for a firm mattress, this would keep their spine well aligned. A firm mattress is also recommended for heavier users, because they can provide the right support and wont sink.

Medium firm mattresses appear to be the right balance for most people, this is specially recommended for side or back sleepers, the mattress will provide the ideal amount of give without pushing back, maintaining your spine well aligned. For users looking for a softer surface, plush mattresses can offer a soft feel and contour to your body.  

How Long Will it Last?

Some users wonder how to know when it’s time to replace a mattress. Usually under normal conditions a mattress can last 6 to 8 years. This is general advice. There can be exceptions, there are a few signs that may suggest that it is time to replace your mattress.


Users have to be aware of any negative effects on the quality of their sleep, damage and sagginess  in certain areas or increased allergies. If you experience some of these examples it may be a good idea to look for a new mattress.

Selecting a mattress is an opportunity to improve your sleeping experience, remember the importance of considering your own preferences and needs before purchasing a new bed. By making an informed choice the user would be on the right path to a restful and healthy sleep.

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