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Secure Your Valuables with INKAS Safes Manufacturing’s Fireproof Safes




Safes are widely used for commercial and private purposes. They not only protect against vandals and thieves but also prevent accidental damage and trouble from fires or natural disasters. Safes are especially important for financial institutions, jewelry stores, and banks where millions of dollars worth of valuables are stored. Modern safes have the latest technology that guarantees access only to authorized persons and provides protection against all kinds of break-ins.

Safes are also used at home where reliability and protection of information are highly valued. Safes are used to protect documents, cash, jewelry, and other valuable items against loss, theft, and damage. A safe should not only be considered as a security device to safeguard it against burglary and intrusion but also a fireproofing device. INKAS Safes Manufacturing offers state-of-the-art fireproof safes that provide unrivaled security and peace of mind.

How Do Fireproof Safes Work?

Fireproof safes are a multi-layer construction. All walls and doors are made of metal (usually solid sheet steel), and inside there is a layer of fireproof, fire- and heat-resistant material.

As a filler there can be a variety of substances. Initially, river sand was used for this purpose. But today they use more modern and, most importantly, more reliable materials, for example, calcium silicate boards.


In addition, the door has a special design, its profile is multistage, so that it penetrates the body as tightly as possible, not allowing fire and smoke to get inside.

For additional protection of locks, special “thermal” designs can be used. However, after a fire, unfortunately, the safe can no longer be used for its intended purpose. But all its contents will remain safe and sound.

Are Fireproof Safe and Fireproof Cabinets the Same Thing?

No, they are fundamentally different items that serve different functions

A fireproof cabinet, indeed, does not burn, but it does not protect what is inside too much. Therefore, they are used to remove papers from the room very quickly in case of fire. For this purpose, such products are often equipped with wheels.

Fireproof safes, on the contrary, protect the internal contents. That is, in case of fire, you leave it in place, quickly evacuate on your own, and when the fire is extinguished, the documents can be taken out.


Unfortunately, manufacturers often mislead buyers by calling fireproof cabinets fireproof safes. That is why it is important to look at what is written in the product passport and its certificates, as well as before buying to familiarize yourself with the results of tests.

Why Choose Inkas Fireproof Safes?

  • Total Security Package: The complete security from a fireproof INKAS safe combines fire protection with excellent anti theft protection for high-end safety. As such, they are the best options in the market since the total security package makes them perfect for any individual or business with complete protection in mind.
  • Peace of Mind: Having peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe in a fireproof safe can offer no rival. Regardless of whether it’s important documents, jewelry, or sentimental things, the comfort of knowing that your assets are protected against flames and theft cannot be overstated.
  • Insurance Premium Reduction: Several insurers recognize this added layer of safety and therefore offer lower premium rates to people with fireproof safe boxes. It also ensures that an informed decision is made when choosing to purchase an INKAS safe; this offers some additional financial assurance.
  • Legal Compliance: Some sectors, for purposes of compliance with regulatory demands, should be allowed only to perform according to a standard. Most times, fireproof inkas safes go beyond the required standards making sure your assets are safe and legal.

To Sum Up, fires are unpredictable and if they involve valuables, the loss may become a calamity because not all things are easy to replace! Safes that contain traditional means of protection may offer some degree of safety regarding theft, but they fail to secure against fire hazards. The issue is addressed by INKAS safes design and manufacture of fireproof safes that withstand the worst fires while securing safety to the contents.

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