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8 Ways to Help Aging Parents



When we are young, it’s our parents who care for our needs and helps us grow into healthy adults. But as they age, they can become less and less competitive and require more help. Whether it’s needing a driver because their vision is getting dim, needing help making minor repairs around the house, or they need a caregiver to come and help them with medical things, there are plenty of ways to help aging parents while still giving them the dignity and independence they deserve. Here are ways to help aging parents without trying to control them.

Ask Important Questions

Asking your parents about their wishes and concerns is a great way to start planning for the future. You can help them decide what they want in terms of health care, housing, and other aspects of their lives. This conversation will also give you an idea of what kind of support they may need as they grow older. While these conversations can be difficult, they are important to have before things like dementia, and other sicknesses start to set in. Ask them if there are any things that worry or scare them as they age. For example, perhaps they want to stay in their home, and they are afraid it will get taken away.

Suggest Home Care for Personal and Medical Needs

Home care services offer so much more than just options for medical needs. People can get help with housework, personal hygiene, cooking, errands, medication reminders, and more. Some companies even offer companion care so that someone can simply spend time with their aging parents. One example of a fantastic company that provides these kinds of services is A First Name Basis.

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They offer Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana home care services that are designed for older adults who need care at home. Some might only need a little extra help, while others have more complex needs. Suggest these services to your aging parents so they can get the support they need while still maintaining their independence.

Offer to Help With Certain Tasks

If you’re comfortable doing so, offer to help with the laundry or mowing the lawn. But be willing to accept it if they tell you no. Helping with something like laundry or lawn care are easy ways to give them a break without trying to take away their independence. This can be especially helpful for your aging parents if they experience any joint or back pain, as these tasks can be hard on the body.

Be Hands-On if Needed

Another way to help your aging parents is to offer assistance with medication management or transportation to appointments. Helping them set up a pill box for the week can give them some independence but ensures that they take all their medications at the right time daily. They’ll easily know if they’ve missed a dose because the pills will still be in the dispenser. Driving them to appointments can be especially helpful if they are insecure about driving on the roads.

Get Help From Others

Get help from family, friends, and the community. When you have parents who need a little extra help, the burden does not need to fall entirely on you. You may ask family members and close friends to visit your parents more often. If they live nearby, ask them to check in on them regularly if needed.

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Call local agencies in your parents’ area that provide services for seniors, like Meals on Wheels or transportation services. In addition, ask about special programs that can assist with other tasks, such as yard work or housekeeping. You can even look to organizations like AARP for support groups for children of aging parents and even to get advice on how to care for your loved ones.

Make a List of Important Phone Numbers and Documents

When making a list of important phone numbers and documents, it is important to keep the list in a safe place. Making copies and keeping them in two different locations is also vital. Some important documents might include medical information, social security cards, copies of licenses and passports, and even financial information.

Encourage Your Parents to Stay Social

Staying social is an important part of being a healthy adult. People were made for connection, and finding friends and acquaintances to spend time with can keep your aging parents healthier. Don’t let your parents isolate you from the world. It’s easy for seniors to become socially withdrawn, especially if they are feeling depressed or lonely. Encourage them to keep up with their friends and family, as well as all of their neighbors.

Find Ways to Reduce Their Stress

When your parents are under stress, it can be hard to know what to do. You want to help them and make things better. As a caregiver, it’s important not to take their stress personally. Alleviate their stress by keeping their home the way they like it and caring for them in ways they want and need.

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