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6 Easy Ways To Prevent Electrical Hazards At Home



Electricity is dangerous. Everyone knows this although it is easy to forget it and take risks. After all, in most cases, people get away with it. It’s not true all the time. There are roughly 20 deaths per year from electrocution, 73% of these happen at home, reminding you how dangerous electricity can be. That’s why, you should take the following 6 steps and keep your home, and family, safe.

Get Them Checked

Electric shocks can occur at any time. They are usually a result of wires becoming loose in fittings or the inner wire becoming exposed. This can be a result of ageing, mistreatment, or thanks to pests. Rodents are particularly good at chewing through wires.

To help detect these issues and others, you should get a qualified electrician in Sydney to inspect your electrics annually. They will spot any issues and can rectify them for you. It will save you a lot of hassle.

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Use Surge Protectors

Don’t forget, it’s not just you that is at risk when you have electricity in your home. All your electrical appliances are vulnerable to electrical surges. That’s when the volts shoot up and back down really quickly. It can fry electronic devices leaving you with a large bill.

Fortunately, it can also be easily prevented by using surge protectors on all your circuits and on individual appliances.

Water & Electricity Don’t Mix

You’ve probably been told this before but water and electricity don’t mix. In fact, they get on very well as water conducts electricity. That means, if you touch an electric socket with wet hands and there is a loose connection, the electricity will head straight for you. The water will improve the path for the electricity and make the shock considerably worse than it should be.

Keep water away from electrical outlets and make sure your hands are dry before you touch them.

Keep Electrical Cables Out Of the Way

While it’s better not to, most houses will have electrical extensions and that means cables lying across the floor. These are a trip hazard and need to be kept out of the way. It’s not just that they can make you stumble. When you trip on a cable you apply pressure to the appliance and the outlet. This can damage both, which is a headache you probably don’t want to be dealing with.

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Turn The Power Off If Working With Electricity

Australia has strict rules regarding what you can and can’t do at home. If you feel that you can undertake a specific electrical job you should always ensure the power is off at the main box before you start work. This avoids you being accidentally electrocuted. It’s simple to overlook but important to remember.

Get Faults Checked

Even with an annual service, your electrics can develop problems throughout the year. You need to take action if a circuit breaker keeps tripping, you hear a buzzing noise, or if you get mild shocks when turning switches on and off. It’s imperative that the issue is solved by electricians denver as soon as possible.

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