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5 Common Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Toilet



According to a 2016 survey, the average Australian home has 2 bathrooms. That means you should always be able to access a toilet or shower when you need one. Equally, if one toilet breaks, you have another that can be used.

Of course, that’s assuming that the problem is with the toilet and not the sewer system. If both toilets and other water appliances in the house are struggling to drain, you will need an emergency plumber. They’ll be able to locate the issue and deal with it.

Clogging is a potential sign that you need to replace your toilet. However, in most cases, clogging results from damaged pipes or the wrong things being flushed down your toilet. If these issues are addressed, your toilet can last for many more years. 

In contrast, the following are common signs that you do need to replace your toilet.

Water Around Your Toilet

There may be an odd splash around your toilet where someone has been less than accurate using the facilities. However, if you notice water around the base of your toilet on a regular basis, you’ll need to inspect the toilet for signs of cracking.

If there are none visible, but you can’t find any other reason for the water on the floor, add a little dye to the toilet and see if the floor changes color or not.

It cracks wastewater and tells you to replace your toilet. 


Toilets put up with a lot of stress, and they are surprisingly tough. But, over time, the porcelain will weaken, and this increases the likelihood of it breaking. 

Alongside this, older toilets are less efficient. If your toilet is old, you should consider replacing it. 

Regular Repairs

There are only so many times you can repair it before it collapses on you. Replace it before this happens. Again, you may want to enlist the help of a local specialist as this is one of the least pleasant DIY jobs and most people prefer to avoid it.

When you’re calling the plumber out practically every week to have your toilet looked at, you know it’s time to replace it. Regular repairs mean that the toilet is starting to fail.


A toilet is bolted to the floor. This is necessary to ensure it is stable while you’re using it and prevents the waste connection from being thrown out of line and leaking.

A wobbling toilet can mean that the bolts holding it down have worked loose or even snapped. But, it can also mean that the floor under the toilet is rotting and causing issues. You’ll need to get a professional to remove the toilet and check under it. This will tell you whether the toilet needs to be replaced or not. 


Damage is perhaps the most obvious reason to replace a toilet. The damage can be visible cracks, chips, or less-visible issues, such as an excessive level of scratches and cosmetic damage. This includes the build-up of mineral deposits, as these can affect the ability of the toilet to do its job. 

While you may be tempted to chip away at the deposit, this usually ends up damaging the toilet further and ensuring it needs replacing. 

The best approach to ensure that you know when your toilet needs replacing is to inspect it regularly. Any strange marks or hearing the toilet running constantly need to be investigated further. This will help you to catch and rectify the issue before it becomes a major problem. 

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