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5 Cat Diaper Buying Tips You Should Know



Cats are low-maintenance, loyal, and very loving companions.

If you’re a cat owner, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for your feline friend. This includes helping them out in all areas of their life when they need it the most, but especially as they age.

Like humans, cats will develop problems as they age. This includes incontinence issues. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to these worries: cat diapers.

If you’re new to buying cat diapers and don’t know where or how to begin, we’ve got you covered in this article!

Understand What The Diapers Are Made From

One of the most important things is learning what cat diapers are made from. It’s super important that a cat diaper is both lightweight and durable to prevent leaks and so that your cat isn’t too disturbed by wearing one.

Simply put, cat diapers aren’t bulky in the slightest. This means your cat can roam as usual in style and with as much ease as ever. It also means your cat will not become annoyed with wearing a thick diaper all day.

Plus, opting for a lightweight diaper with a cool and soft inner layer will help you to keep your cat cool, calm, and comfortable despite the heat that they will be projecting from their thick fur.

Know Which Size To Buy

Like human beings, cats come in varying sizes. While some are quite thin, others will have a little bit more fat on them. Therefore, you must take note of your cat’s size and purchase appropriately sized diapers.

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You can do this by measuring your cat’s girth around the area that is just in front of its back legs. Their weight is also a factor for consideration. Take both of these measurements and then compare them against a diaper size chart to find the best possible fit.

If the cat has diapers that fit well, you’ll automatically be guaranteeing your cat’s comfort all day long, as well as the overall efficiency of the diaper itself.

Learn The Difference Between Disposable And Washable Diapers

Cat diapers come in various styles and sizes, much like diapers designed for human babies. Popular material categories include disposable and also washable diapers.

Washable diapers are great for the environment and offer a lot more value for greater long-term usage. The only drawback is that you have to manually insert disposable pads into the lining of these types of diapers.

On the other hand, disposable diapers are ready to fit immediately. This is thanks to the in-built absorbent padding that lines the inside of the diaper.

Your best bet is to research both options to find the best fit for your cat’s exact needs.

Make Sure There Is An Opening For The Tail

Imagine buying clothing that is either two sizes too big or small, and how uncomfortable that would make you feel. Well, consider this when you purchase your cat diapers!

Making sure that the tail opening of your chosen diapers is a perfect size is another very important tip to keep in mind. This will allow room for your cat’s tail to be free to move around at will.

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Generally, these types of cat diapers are designed to prevent poop from slipping out and absorbing your cat’s urine. As a result, the tail opening on a correctly sized set of diapers should not be too small where it stops your cat from swinging its tail, nor should it be too big where leakage occurs.

The tail opening should be soft to prevent the skin from becoming irritated and should still allow your cat a full range of movement to go about their daily business and activities.

Ensure The Diapers Are Comfortable!

Like Elizabethan collars, your cat will undoubtedly become irritated with wearing a diaper. After all, it’s a foreign object attached to their body in some way — of course, they aren’t going to like it!

If you aren’t super careful about making sure the diaper is comfortable, you risk your cat simply getting rid of it. But by taking the time to make sure it’s the right size, soft, and completely comfortable, you are safeguarding your cat’s health and your sanity.


These are the top 5 cat diaper buying tips you should know. Hopefully, you now know understand why and how to go about buying the best types of cat diapers for your feline friend.

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