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5 Affordable Brands That Celebrities Actually Love Wearing



“Celebrities are like us” is a trope that most of us find a bit irritating. After all, these are people who splurge on literally anything they lay their hands on. However, you’d be surprised to know quite a handful of celebrities would be willing to spend a pretty penny on everything else except clothing. In other words, there are plenty of celeb-loved brands that are just as affordable as they are stylish. Here are five you should add to your closet.


One outstanding budget-friendly brand that celebrities absolutely love is Zara. The popular retailer has many stylish stars on its fans roster, and they all love the Spanish retailer for its low-priced staples that feel elevated and trendy.

Take Bella Hadid, for example. She can’t go a month without donning one of Zara’s stunning pieces. Just recently, Kate Middleton was spotted wearing Zara while off-duty in London. In the meantime, Emma Roberts sported the brand throughout her pregnancy. In short, there’s no shortage of affordable Zara pieces you can incorporate into your style file just like your favorite celebrities do.

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California-based brand Vans is another favorite, with a fan base that counts the likes of Hailey Baldwin, Kourtney Kardashian and Zendaya. All of the label’s pieces, from the iconic Old Skool to the sturdy Slip-On, feel vintage-inspired yet modern and stylish.

Best of all, most celeb-loved Vans shoes are within a lower price range. If there’s anything you can learn from this whole Vans craze, it’s that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to look and feel good.


The dazzling colors and flair of FARM Rio make this brand an absolute favorite among celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Kerry Washington and Sarah Jessica Parker. Born from a local fashion market in Brazil some two decades ago, the brand continues to afford women everywhere the style, colors and verve of Rio.

While not all of FARM Rio’s pieces are pocket-friendly, some are fairly priced and can be a good place to start if you’re on a budget.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a female celebrity that hasn’t tried out Heartloom’s elegant (not to mention super affordable) pieces. From Selena Gomez’s baby pink knit sweater to Lily Collin’s button-down shirt, the New York-based brand is known for churning out celeb-loved closet staples that are easy on the eye and your wallet. Other celeb fans of Heartloom include Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff and Alessandra Ambrosio.

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Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and Taylor Swift like to wear affordable brands, and Reformation is in their shopping orbit. For example, when Taylor Swift wore a yellow Reformation dress in her first-ever TikTok video, her fans praised the singer’s choice in opting for a relatively affordable piece. Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner has been wearing pocket-friendly Reformation pieces for fun.

It’s your turn in the spotlight, so wear any of the aforementioned affordable brands with pride, step out of the shadows and shine like the star that you are. Who knows — you must just be the next big fashion icon.

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