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10 Wedding Worthy Hairstyles for Curly Hair



Dear brides, it is true that curly hair can be frustrating, especially when trying to tame them. But the texture, volume, dimension, and stamp on your personality make them a bride’s dream.

You don’t have to overly manipulate your hair to establish or maintain curls because they’re ready-made. However, you may be at a loss in what curly hair wedding styles you’ll wear for your nuptials.

Not to worry, as we’ve curated a list of the best curly bridal hairstyles ever and how to choose them. Scroll along and get inspired.

How to Choose Curly Hair Wedding Styles

The guests focus on your face before the wedding attire. So the goal is to choose a face-flattering hairstyle. If your face is round, make it appear longer by wearing top knots. But if you have a square face, layered curly hairstyles would soften the angles.

Brides with diamond faces would look stunning on short, edgy hairstyles that bring attention to the forehead and cheek instead of the jawline.

Styles like side-swept bangs and Full long hair with thick curls are perfect for heart, triangle, and long-face brides. However, oval-faced brides would enjoy the best of every world.

1. Braids and Curls

Braids and curls combination is one of the most innovative wedding hairstyles for curly hair. If you were thinking of a plain half up half down or ponytails, improvise with this style. Take half a cup of your hair and do fish braids on two sides.

Merge them with a clip at the crown of your head. Let the other half pour down in curls and leave some to frame your face. It’s a romantic and relaxed classic hairstyle.

2. Lione-Esque Curls

Are you a curly hair bride with a large mane of ringlets or tightly wound coils? Then this is for you. Deeply moisturize your hair to avoid frizz and breakage, then let your big mane and curls free.

Your really big hair is a reflection of your bubbly and wanderlust personality. This style would suit outdoor, bohemian, and romantic weddings.

3. Mermaid Style

If you’ve got a combination of curly strands, tight curls, and zig-zag hair, work to its advantage. Blow it out or hot comb it to form long tresses of uniform waves. Match your hairstyle with cute flowers, barrettes, or shell clips to get the beachy vibes.

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4. Cascading Rings

Many times, brides have different kinds of curls or patterns in their hair. The hair could include loose curls, bottom waves, tight corkscrews, and more. One of the most versatile curly wedding hairstyles for long hair to suit this texture is the cascading rings.

Shampoo your hair regularly or every three days. Feed your hair the necessary nutrients and style to satisfaction. In this case, let it fall down your back and around your face.

If you want some neatness, use U-shaped pins to hold your hair away from the face. U-shaped pins tend to hold more hair in place than Bobby’s pins.

5. Messy Bun

Romantic, laid-back, and tender are the attributes of the messy bun. It is also a sophisticated wedding curly hairstyle for brides who have a garden or princess-themed wedding.

If you want to switch it up with the retro touch, pin up a birdcage veil or statement clip. However, for a bohemian look, pin on some pheasant feathers to your hair.

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6. Top Knot

For brides with loose curls, a half-up top knot is one of the best bridal curly hairstyles for you. Section your hair in halves and roll the top half into a secure bun. You can lay the swell down with some get to leave a wave pattern.

Leave the other half to pour down your shoulders and accessorize. A top knot is flirty, shows personality, and is perfect for semi-formal nuptials.

7. Romantic Curls

Romantic curls, also known as bouncy curls, are one of the unique curly hair wedding styles. They are Glamorous, flirty, and intimate.

The best thing about this hairstyle is that they’re suitable for long, short, and medium hair lengths. A little heat, mousse, oils, and manipulation would give it the sultry voluminous look.

8. Updo

Brides with curly hair would effortlessly achieve a voluminous updo. To make this curly bridal hairstyle, wash deep condition, and moisturize your hair so that the curls would bounce.

Tousle and warp your curls into an updo, using a tail comb to prime them. Invest in a lot of Bobby pins to hold your curls in place, and you’re good to go. This is one of the most resilient hairstyles, perfect for the outdoors.

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9. Siren Waves

We also call this look the beach waves because it is uninhibited and flows effortlessly. The curls are perfect, and they look relaxed for a beach or lakeside wedding. Allow your waves to flow freely by reducing the oil contact with your scalp.

Excessive scalp oil can flatten waves. A way to get rid of this is constantly shampooing your hair, even up till the day before the wedding. However, keep the strands moisturized so they can look great in pictures.

10. Half up Half

A half and a half or half-up wedding hairstyle for curly hair is one of the best styles for a sophisticated look. Simply pull the top part of your hair away from your face to show your sleek cheekbones. Secure the hair in a statement-making clip.

You can also leave some wispy tendrils to frame your face, making it more feminine. Leave the top and lower half of your hair to flow down in cascading curls. If you are thinking of the best garden wedding hairstyle, this is it.

We have many curly hair wedding styles for you to choose from. Think big manes, updos, braids, and more; there’s something for you. Curly hair is beautiful and versatile but requires patience. This list of hairstyles will show you how to make the best of your hair, so check them out.

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