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10 Ways on How to Build a Stronger Bond With Your Dog



Do you feel most alive when your home has a fluffy ball waiting for you by the door? Having a four-legged companion at home makes it a happier place. Here are some tips that you can follow to foster a stronger bond with your pooch:

Teach Tricks

Training your dog is one of the greatest ways to build a stronger bond. You can train basic behavior or teach more complex routines. As the dog masters the tricks, you should be giving rewards, words of affirmation, love, and some treats. Aside from obedience, it also helps establish a deeper connection between the two of you. If you need expert help on your dog training, you can consult Alpha Instincts Dog Training Dog Training Limestone County, Alabama.

Go out for Some Exercise

One of the best things that you can do together with your dog is go out for a walk or run. Exercise benefits both of you because dogs have a tremendous amount of energy in them that they need to release. You will also have a healthier body if you exercise. Together you can get healthy while you see new things and experience the world outside.

Create a Routine

Dogs are known for following habits so creating routines for different behaviors you want to establish is helpful. Going out for a walk at specific times, fixing the bed, or following a schedule for feeding establishes a routine that the dog will follow. When dogs know what is expected of them, they live up to it and deliver.

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Engage in Play Time

Dogs have so much energy in them that play is considered an important part of their day. Because they also have different behaviors, playtime needs to be done according to their mood. Some dogs would spend more time playing alone while others become more active and happier when they have you and other dogs around.

Make Grooming Sessions Happy

Bath time and grooming should be done regularly to maintain the dog’s coat and help it grow bigger and healthier. Your dog may be hesitant at first and could even show resentment, but eventually, if you make this a time for bonding, they will start looking forward to it.

Hand-Feeding Treats

Hand-feeding your dog with treats when it displays good behavior is one way to make your bond stronger. The dog will associate their good actions with your happiness. Rewarding it helps you gain its trust and learn that you are his master.

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Pet With Purpose

When petting your dog, do not just do it randomly. Make sure that you are giving it your full attention. When you absentmindedly rub, your pooch will not feel invested in it. Take the time from your busy day to purposefully pet and communicate with your companion. Aside from enjoying the rubs, it will also feel more loved.


Like you, your dog will also appreciate getting cuddles and kisses from time to time. One of the best signs that your dog trusts and loves you is if it allows you to cuddle him. Just chilling on the couch, lying on the floor, or sitting on the bed is just among the ways you can establish a relaxing and nice time with your dog.

Be Consistent With Communication

There are some dog owners who bought talking buttons to help ease the communication between them and their pooch. Positive communication is a great way to strengthen your bond. Your words and nonverbal signals can clear misunderstandings and encourage good behavior. If you are going out, you need to find dog sitters in Etobicoke with experience in handling dogs with different temperaments so they will not misbehave.

Give Space

Just like you, there are days when dog just wants nothing to do with their humans. Giving them time to do their thing is important. One of the reasons why dogs bite is because people around them force them to interact even if they are not feeling it. For a few hours a day, leave the dog alone because they will come for petting if they want to.

Being a responsible dog owner is not just about providing your pooch with all of its needs but also giving it the love and attention that it deserves. Establishing a great connection will not just make them behave but will also reward you with loyalty and love.

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