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10 Tips For Students Who Feel Guilty For Not Taking Enough Classes



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School is a time when we get to know ourselves and reveal our potential. Ups and downs, unforgettable successes and painful failures are all part of student life.

Many learners strive to manage everything by taking as many classes as possible. Others choose the minimum they can focus on. But there is a third category of people – they blame themselves for not taking enough classes and thus, suffer from inner conflict. Are you one of them? Well, you can definitely use a couple of effective tips!

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Are You a Perfectionist?

Students don’t take all classes at once for many reasons. Some combine studying with an internship or work. Others are engaged in extracurricular clubs and societies. Maybe you’re helping your parents with younger siblings, or you’re already working on starting your own business.  In some cases, the workload might be so overwhelming that you consider options like having someone write my essay or take my online class to keep up.

However, despite serious reasons to reduce your study load, your inner critic may be telling you the opposite. If so, you may be a perfectionist. Here’s how such people behave:

  • They are puzzled by their mistakes;
  • They aren’t sure about the quality of the work done;
  • They are waiting for others’ evaluations;
  • They are afraid of not living up to expectations;
  • They constantly compare themselves with others;
  • They react to criticism sharply and become angry at themselves;
  • They ignore their successes;
  • They live by the principle of “all or nothing”.

In fact, people become perfectionists unconsciously. And upbringing is the main reason. Parents don’t praise their children and don’t approve of them, criticizing them constantly. Thus, kids are forced to seek their parents’ love.

What Are The Consequences?

  • Perfectionists constantly suffer from toxic inner dialogues and anxiety. They don’t forgive themselves for the smallest mistakes;
  • They are obsessed with approval. Having received praise, a perfectionist will strive for it by any means;
  • The happiness from praise or accomplishments doesn’t linger;
  • They live in constant tension which doesn’t allow them to relax fully;
  • They often get sick due to exhaustion.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty?

Admit That You Are a Perfectionist

First and foremost, recognize that perfectionism is holding you back. Now, it is important to realize that by concentrating on one activity, you forget about other areas that require your attention, too.

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That’s why you may not be taking enough care of yourself, both physically and mentally. If you had lowered the bar right away, things would have been different.

Forgive Yourself For Feeling Weak

Shorten the list of things that need to be perfect. For example, if you have to give up perfectionism in your studies, then you can stop grouping all your notes and reading a million textbooks to study for an exam. Define the necessary minimum and stick to it.

Follow The Plan

If you couldn’t take enough subjects at the university, then you have a reason for this. Now, create a clear program for yourself, where you devote a specific amount of time to each subject that you already have on your schedule. Listen to lectures, make presentations, write essays and organize study sessions with colleagues. Otherwise, you will face burnout.

Remember About The Sense of Humor

If you make small mistakes, look at them with irony and present them in a funny light. This will help you be optimistic and perceive things easier.

Rely on Time Management

Imagine that you are writing an essay and trying to do a perfect job. Set a precise time for each step, whether it’s research, thinking through a plan, or final editing. Stop on how much you managed to accomplish in a certain time. Then, move on to the next step.

Work a Little Every Day

Perfectionism makes people so anxious they cannot begin a task if they are not sure they will do it perfectly. This is partly related to the fear of the blank page. At some point, the guilt can be overwhelming.

If you need to get rid of perfectionism in your studies, set yourself the task of memorizing new material a little every day. Just skip the moment you got stuck on last time.

Get Distracted

When you stop enjoying what you want to be the best at, you need to switch to something else. You may be distracted by a walk with friends, any physical activity or self-care. Plus, don’t hesitate to rely on the best research paper writing services for help while you are unwinding or working on something else. The writers will surely make your paper brilliant.

Ask For Support

In pursuit of approval, a student doesn’t notice real success. Or, on the contrary, a perfectionist only cares about their own perception of the results. But a fresh eye from the outside is super important.

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If you’re writing essays, doing research, or learning foreign languages, show your work to friends or family members. Don’t argue when they start praising. Be proud of yourself and celebrate your accomplishments. After all, there is a small child inside you who enjoys kind words.

Abandon The All-Or-Nothing Approach

It is simply impossible to complete every task perfectly. You are a living person, whose activities are also influenced by external factors. Plus, more and more students struggle with online learning due to the most various factors. You have the right to do something imperfect and it’s absolutely fine.

Redefine Your Motivation

Forget the phrases “I must” and “I need”. Instead, replace them with “Now I can”, “I prefer”, “I decided”, or “Today I will”.

To Wrap it up

Perhaps the main problem of students who feel like they don’t take enough classes is that they perceive it as a complete nightmare. But in fact, the time and energy saved can be spent on other essential things, such as an internship, building your own brand, or a precious rest. Not to mention networking, which will definitely come in handy in your future career.

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