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10 Degrees You Can Choose to Contribute to Healthcare



Are you seeking a stable position in a well-paying industry? Do you have a great desire to help people and an interest in medicine? If so, a job in healthcare might be the best choice for you. There are many different job categories available within the sector. Here are nine of the most sought-after healthcare degrees.

You must begin your route to a lucrative job in healthcare with the proper degree. Your interests and goals as a potential medical student will determine the type of healthcare degree you choose to pursue. Below are ten of the most popular sorts of healthcare degrees to aid you in making the best educational decision.

Nursing Degree

One of the most prominent and lucrative medical careers available today is nursing. There are numerous different nursing degrees you can undertake within the field: For instance, a BSN degree (or Bachelor of Nursing) will equip you for advanced and specialized positions within the nursing sector, whereas an associate’s degree in nursing will help you develop into a career as a registered nurse.

You can also pursue a career as a family nurse practitioner (FNP). An advanced practice registered nurse with a focus on providing healthcare to people of all ages is known as a family nurse practitioner. FNPs can write prescriptions, conduct physical exams, develop treatment programs, and keep track of patient information. A graduate degree and certification are required to work as an FNP. You can even apply for an online FNP degree program.

Higher education offers several routes to nursing career progression. Before opting to pursue their education and nursing profession through an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree program, many nurses begin their careers as LPNs.

Bachelor’s In Public Health

Protecting the overall health of businesses, towns, populations, people, and families around the world requires the expertise of public health specialists. They aim to spread awareness and stop the spread of chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, infectious illness outbreaks like the Zika virus, and other public health emergencies like natural disasters.

Medical Assistant Degree

Due to the fact that workers in this area of healthcare do both administrative and clinical tasks, medical assisting is a multifaceted job. Medical assistants administer EKGs and other medical tests, take vital signs from patients, schedule appointments, and submit insurance claims while also collaborating with a medical team. Postsecondary education is often necessary for medical assistants.

Radiology Technicians

Radiology technologists play a crucial role in the imaging team in medicine. They assist with X-ray tests and other radiology procedures while working side by side with doctors and nurses. With practice, radiology technologists can work in nuclear medicine, mammography, MRI, and CT imaging, among other fields.

For entry-level radiography jobs at hospitals and doctor’s offices, you must have at least an associate degree in the field. A radiography bachelor’s degree is frequently required to advance to supervisory or specialized positions.

Degree In Psychology

Psychology and other social science disciplines provide excellent undergraduate degrees for people who want to become doctors. They are sometimes even favored by medical schools and can be a benefit.

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By choosing to major in psychology, you may stand out from the physics and chemistry students and diversify your graduating class. Additionally, you’ll learn the practical abilities needed to pursue a humanistic medical career, such as empathy, connection, critical thinking, and resilience. The BLS estimates that 6.6% of doctors and surgeons in the workforce hold psychology degrees.

Degree In Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienists do oral examinations, clean teeth, and record oral health issues while working closely with patients throughout dental exams. They are highly skilled, involved staff members in the dental practice. You must enroll in a dental hygienist college that is accredited and provides both lecture and on-the-job training if you are thinking about a career in the industry.

Degree in Medicine

Getting a medical degree is a wise decision if you want to practice medicine actively. You will learn everything you need to know about the human body, from patient care to disease prevention, in this degree program. The required courses for the five-year degree must be completed with all As. It seems to sense that the degree in healthcare is the one that is the hardest to get.

Doctors are known for their ability to handle difficult situations despite putting in long hours, which may necessitate working on the weekends if an emergency arises or due to a call schedule. Many people take pride in how their struggles have enhanced their capacity as physicians and what their resilience says about their character.

Occupation Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) support patients in developing and enhancing the skills necessary for working and living a normal life. They assist patients with all kinds of day-to-day problems in restoring the capacity to lead an independent and contented life, from physical disabilities to developmental disorders.

Associates In Respiratory Care

In order to assist patients with breathing difficulties and cardio-pulmonary illnesses, respiratory therapists are required in a variety of settings, including Life Star ambulatory services and homecare rehabilitation settings. If you’re interested in respiratory care, the next step is enrolling in a respiratory therapist program.

Medical Coding

There is an increasing need for experts who can code and digitize patient records and healthcare information professionals to oversee the entire process and ensure accuracy as the healthcare system transitions to electronic patient records. These people are referred to as health information technicians or medical coders.

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Professionals in medical coding operate in a range of places, including pharma consulting firms, clinics, long-term care facilities, governmental organizations, and more.. A bachelor’s degree in health information management can be attained after earning an associate degree in medical coding, allowing for job growth.


You have chosen a thriving, lucrative career path if you are thinking about a healthcare career. The field of healthcare is currently one of the fastest growing. In fact, according to experts, the United States’ largest industry in terms of employment will soon be healthcare. Healthcare vocations are predicted to rise by 19 percent by 2024, outpacing all other occupations.

Best of luck choosing the right healthcare degree!

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