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Where athletes get their inspiration



Description: Without inspiration, an athlete would not be great. So, where do the athletes get their inspiration from?

 In the betting scene, people root for particular athletes; they bet on a number of outcomes hoping that at a given point or at the end of the game, they will have made the right prediction. While the end-game for any bettor is to win a bet, some stop to think what it will take for a given athlete to give the desired outcome. If, for example, you are betting for a tennis star to win a game and with several sets, as a bettor, you may be interested in delving deeper and understanding what makes a given player succeed. Kate Richardson at mightytips – betting sites ireland expert says that in her analysis and predictions, she takes into consideration player motivation and has always had a great interest in what inspires athletes. She reiterates what many betting pundits have always put across; the need to understand a player before wagering. This gives the bettor some crucial information that can help in making the right prediction. Some of the Kate Richardson analysis and predictions as well as her profile and articles, can be obtained here. In this article, we will be exploring where athletes get their motivation and how athletes are inspired today.

Types of motivation

Psychologists tell us that there are two types of motivation, that is: extrinsic and intrinsic. Intrinsic motivation denotes the athlete’s desire to win for their own purpose. It explains the craving that an athlete has for success and mostly comes from high standards of individual discipline. An intrinsically inspired athlete will take part in sporting activities for internal reasons, more so to drive the satisfaction that comes with winning. It is very important that an athlete who is starting out in sports have this kind of motivation, as it will help them concentrate on skill improvement and growth. Some of the behaviors that are related to this kind of motivation include:

● Focusing on relevant tasks

● Fewer changes in motivation

● The athlete is less distracted

● There is increased confidence

● The athlete gets a greater level of satisfaction.

Extrinsically motivated athletes get their drive from social issues, for instance, a college sportsperson may not want to disappoint his parents or friends or maybe into material rewards such as scholarships. They tend to focus on the performance outcome or on the competitive edge of the sport. Over-emphasis on this type of motivation has been known to lead to athletes feeling that their behavior is controlled by rewards. They may also feel that they are in control of their behaviors even when they are driven by rewards.

Those who have researched on the topics of inspiration and sportsas well as how athletes get inspired tell us that both types of motivation can give rise to greater achievement in athletics. A sportsperson who has set a positive mental attitude while also having a strong desire to get recognition in his or her area has the right balance. Successful sportsmen and women in history have had a strong will to win and the ambition to get the results. To be the best, they have worked hard, always challenging themselves and believing they can make it.

Inspiration from a mentor

It is enough for an athlete to strive for personal success, but when all this is coupled with strong background support especially coming from a mentor or a coach, greater and sustainable achievements are realized. A mentor or a coach pushes an athlete to move further, assisting in getting the desired results. A coach acts as the backbone regardless of the sport; he or she is there to give appropriate techniques as well as provide the inspiration that a player needs. While doing this, the coach understands the player; they know what makes them tick and also how to get the best out of them. They ensure that the athlete is psychologically prepared for the training sessions as well as the games.

While coaches and mentors play an important role in inspiring the athlete, it is also important to have the right attitude. Athletes need to believe in their abilities and have the right mindset. At no time should one encourage negative thoughts, instead it should be all about improving the performance. One ought to set realistic but challenging goals and constantly aim at stepping further to reach them. These goals with the help of the mentor or coach should be reviewed constantly and new ones should be set once the previous ones are met. In short, one should aim at reaching the set goals while also thinking about what lies beyond. It is important to note that goals which are not challenging enough are not helpful but also setting targets that are beyond one’s own capabilities can be damaging, both physically and emotionally.

Inspiration from a partner

There are many athletes who have benefitted from the mentorship of a coach. However, having somebody whom you train with can be motivating and inspiring at the same time, especially when he or she is better than you. Sports psychologists have found that working with a training partner helps in giving a competitive edge, encourages positive thinking, spurs motivation, and assists in discovering what needs to be done better.

To become a great athlete requires the right attitude, hard work, dedication, and most importantly, a good dose of motivation and inspiration. Inspiration can come from different sources, including those who came before us, coaches, mentors as well as training partners.

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