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How To Surmount The Challenges In Retail Recruitment?



The Retail business consists of selling goods to consumers who use these goods for personal purposes and not business purposes. Retail is a wide gamut ranging from small groceries and kiosks to large department stores and supermarket chains.

The High Turnover Rate

Reliable studies prove that the Retail industry ranks among the Top five sectors for the ‘highest turnover rate’ parameter. Part-time employees accrue 67 percent of turnover for retailers. About one-fourth of the retailers are experiencing an increase in employee turnover expenses. If a retailer employs a 10 USD per hour retail employee, the retailer has to shell out 3,328 USD to select and hire an employee and then provide training to this employee.

Finding Candidates with the Essential Skills

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With the change in technologies, the retail industry needs employees with more skills. About 70% of retailers find it cumbersome to find candidates with the pertinent technical experience. About 82% of retailers face huge challenges finding candidates with relevant cross-functional experience.

The High Volume of Hiring

The Retail industry shelters more than 15 million employees. With each passing day, this count is increasing. Now, this count is occupying the No. 2 rank in job growth projections. Concisely, the Retail industry needs to recruit a high count of employees regularly and has to address an even more increased load of hiring during the seasons that witness higher sales.

Every retail recruitment agency faces three primary challenges. Pearl Lemon Recruitment has experienced the lows and the highs of the retail recruitment challenges and has emerged successful through them by honing its skills. Today, this agency is confident that it can offer retailers the best candidates who can do marketing of retail goods, interact with consumers in a polished manner, and register record-breaking sales.

In the current era, retail recruitment agencies employ the following measures for efficient recruitment.

Draft Accurate Job Descriptions

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The first step is to draft a precise job description to entice the best-fitting candidates. In this description, you must create a bulleted list of the technical skills and cross-functional experience that the retailer wants for the specific business. The job description’s formatting must highlight these skills and experience. This method augments the candidate’s confidence while applying for a position. Moreover, there is a considerable time saving for the candidate, the recruitment agency, and the retailer.

Reinforce the Employer’s Brand

This is the second method of enticing the best-fitting candidates. You should find an answer to the question—Why should I apply for this brand?—which each candidate asks. Your job description must display the positive facets of the retailer in question. This description should successfully differentiate the brand from the competition. After reading data about the brand, the candidate must feel that the specific retailer is the optimum workplace.

The contemporary methods that retail recruiting agencies adhere to are to generate talent pools, try out recruitment marketing tactics, and choose modern recruiting software.

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