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How to Motivate Yourself to Write A College Essay



It’s possible to see people motivated to achieve their tasks and think they’re born differently because you’re not motivated for the same, especially if the task is writing a college essay.

However, they’re not born motivated. Instead, they may have learned the art and practice of motivating themselves. Of course, you have to learn too, but you need persistence to succeed at this. In this article, we will discuss several tips to keep you motivated to write your college essay. 

Create and Write Down A Writing Goal

You may not know it, but it helps to create a goal or set of goals that you can work towards, and writing it down helps to register it better. For example, whether you’re aiming for specific grades from the essay you write or have a particular time limit to finish your essay, writing it down helps it remain in your subconscious.

This makes it easy to ignite your mind to go after the goal. Also, on days when you feel the least demotivated, revisiting your written goals may help get you back to your feet. 

Break Down Your Writing Process

Students find college essays overwhelming. Many of them outsource it to professional essay writing companies, such as Easy Essay, to deliver a unique, high-quality essay to them. If you also find it overwhelming, the best way to help yourself is to break the writing process down into smaller units. You don’t have to write the whole essay at once.

This makes it scarier and more challenging even to start, not to mention finish the essay. Breaking it down allows you to complete the essay one step at a time, and finishing one step keeps you motivated to go for the next one. You can break it down to researching, creating outlines, writing drafts, editing and proofreading. You may even break the writing down further into paragraphs and key points. 

Create A Writing Schedule

Allocate time for each step of the writing process and create a schedule to accomplish or complete each step. Creating these deadlines for yourself helps you to be more accountable.

Scheduling also ensures you can work at your productive best with ideas flowing. It may be midnight for some people and early morning for others. Know when you work at your best and create a schedule to help you maximize it. 

Create An Outline For The Essay 

Creating outlines is an understated part of essay writing, but it’s very important. You may not realize it but creating an outline helps you to remain motivated too because you know you’re on track and there’s a logical sequence you’re following. It also gives you something to pursue because you feel close to the end of your work. 

Conquer Your Writing Anxiety 

Some people have writing anxiety, so they’re always scared when they have to write anything. There are several reasons why this may be happening, but you’ll never feel genuinely motivated if you don’t learn to conquer this anxiety.

First, you need to stop comparing yourself and your work to other people and setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Just focus on yourself and your work. Following the assignment instructions, always reach out to the instructor if you have any concerns or don’t know how to start. They may be willing to help you out. Stop second-guessing yourself, and don’t give in to self-doubt. 

Practice Freewriting 

When you feel demotivated, it may be best to pick up your pen and start writing something instead of feeding that demotivation. This is called freewriting. You just write whatever comes to your mind. This way, it’s easier to overcome the block in your mind, and you can kick off that essay writing you’ve delayed for a long time with more ease.

You need to start the process, write something down, and you can always polish it better till you come up with something worth submitting. 


When you lack motivation, it’s important not to remain in that state. Instead, your aim should be to motivate yourself to write your essay. The tips in this article may help achieve this goal. 

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