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7 Essentials for Your First Apartment



Moving into your first apartment is exciting, whether you’re graduating high school or in your thirties. You get to create a space just for you; even with roommates, your taste and style are a part of each room. Maybe you don’t feel like you have a keen eye for decor; perhaps you’re on a tight budget and are trying to discern what is worth spending on what’s not. If you’re looking for inspiration for all the essentials you’ll need for your first apartment, keep reading to find it.

Soft Lighting

Apartments typically have harsh overhead lighting that you wouldn’t find in a home where someone has hired a contractor and invested in the aesthetic more. Lighting is essential as it sets the mood for various activities, so investing in several table and floor lamps instead of overhead lighting is key. Most overhead lighting has been shown to be more damaging to our eyesight in the long run.

Quality Bedding

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping, so investing in a high-quality mattress is critical when moving out on your own. You may be used to a dorm bedroom or a small twin bed in the house you grew up in, but now that you’re decorating your bedroom, you can control your sleep environment. Whether plush or firm, quality mattresses support your spine and sleep style. In addition to a great mattress, comfortable and luxurious sheets and pillows can be a game-changer with your sleep quality.

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Music Makers

You’re likely to have people over for game nights, dinners, or just watching Netflix when you have your place. In the same way, lighting can set the mood, and so can music. A way to play music at home is essential, whether it’s a Bluetooth speaker or an entire audio system for your place. If you want to listen to music in style, nothing says “cool” like a turntable and a good collection of vinyl records. No matter how you slice it, music and a way to place it are essential; just don’t play it too loud in your apartment and rack up noise violations!

Natural Beauty

Not everyone likes the look of hanging art in their apartment, while others may be renting somewhere where putting nails in the wall is against their lease agreement. Thankfully, there’s an easy, not to mention healthy, way to add some natural beauty to your home – through houseplants! Plants are beautiful and great at filtering harmful chemicals in the air, helping to purify your apartment environment. With houseplants being in trend, you’re keeping with the times in terms of decor.

Storage Solutions

Apartments are smaller than townhomes and houses, which means having a way to stylishly store all your belongings is critical. Thankfully, cube shelves with storage baskets look beautiful when curated correctly. Choosing a coffee table or ottoman with a lid where you can store items comes in handy too. When you are limited on space, it’s a good idea to make as much of your furniture storage-friendly. With the average American home containing over 300,000 items, investing in storage up front will save you time cleaning up and mental space from feeling overwhelmed with clutter.

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Ways to Open the Space

Another way to make a small space feel larger aside from storage solutions is through visuals. Large floor mirrors hung on the wall horizontally can give a much more spacious feel in an instant. Choosing colors like white, cream, and pale pink is another visual trick to open a room.

Window Treatments

Curtains have a way of giving an apartment a cozier feel, but their benefits go far beyond that. Curtains are a fantastic way to add color and warmth to a room without filling it with other decorations, which is handy if your decorating style is more minimalist. Curtains also keep drafts out and regulate the temperature in your apartment in hot or cold weather. Lastly, curtains in the bedroom provide a darkening effect that benefits your sleep quality.

While you need cleaning supplies, food to fill your kitchen, and other appliances like toasters or a coffee maker, the above items will make your first apartment feel like home. Our homes are our sanctuary, and decorating them the right way can be a lifesaver at the end of a long day. Here’s to your happy home!

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