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How To Use Social Media To Help Charitable Causes



Social media has transformed the way we communicate with each other and the world. Because of social media, we can meet people from all over the world, connect instantly, and put information in the hands of the right people. It also revolutionized charitable fundraising. In this post, you’ll learn some ways to use social media for charitable causes and how you can either run your own fundraisers or participate in a fundraising campaign from your favorite organizations.

Use Your Social Media Network

The good news is that many organizations are already active on social media platforms. Some are on multiple platforms, which is great news for you. Using your social media network, you can connect with your favorite charities and promote them online. Using your social media network is as easy as sharing stories from these organizations, participating in fundraising campaigns, or being an influencer for them.

Find the Right Platform

When choosing a social media platform, there are several things to consider. First of all, think about how the platform aligns with your identity and goals. It may be obvious that Instagram is a good fit for you if you’re an organic skincare brand or if you’ve recently opened a new store in California. Still, it’s important to make sure that each platform has an audience that will be receptive to your content. You want to make sure that if the primary audience is younger, you use something like Tik Tok. But if your interested givers are older, you use something like Facebook. The right platform matters when you want to help charities using social media.

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Find a Cause That You Are Passionate About

If you want to know how to start a fundraiser, you need to start with a cause that matters a lot to you. Passion goes a long way to connect people to causes. Suppose you are passionate about helping people learn skills so they can find employment or about assisting people in accessing necessary food. In that case, your excitement about helping will easily translate as you share about them. Starting a fundraiser or participating in one will be more effective if you are truly engaged and committed to supporting a specific cause.

Talk to Your Audience

When you’re ready to start a conversation with your audience, check in with their priorities first. What are the issues that matter most to them? What do they want from their government or nonprofits? What causes do they support, and how can you help them get involved? When you know what matters to your audience, focus on those topics when engaging them online.

As an example, if you’re trying to raise money for breast cancer research, avoid posting about unrelated topics that may divide your audience—even though those may be important issues worth discussing, they distract from the topic you’ve raised. Instead, ask them what they would like to see changed regarding breast cancer research and then provide an outlet so they can express themselves by donating money or volunteering their time.

Create Content That Resonates With the Cause

Although most people and businesses use social media for fun, it is also an excellent way to spread awareness about charitable causes. To do this effectively, you should create content that resonates with your audience. For example, if you’re passionate about helping children in need, try sharing pictures from the children’s hospital or volunteering at a local soup kitchen. Be careful not to exploit the situation, but you can share general photos showing your cause’s impact. You could also create a blog post about the money that was raised through your event and what that money will be used for.

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Engage in Live Events That Raise Funds

Did you know that many of your favorite organizations use live events to raise money for their cause? This can be a run, a dinner, or even a canned goods giveaway. It can even be an online event. Sharing about the event in advance, getting friends to come with you or donate through a link, and even sharing other ways to get involved are all ways to help live events raise funds.

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