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How To Know When You Are Buying A Tarnished Gold



Have you ever experienced buying fake gold? Or someone who got busted because they believe that they bought a piece of expensive jewelry, but in reality, it is just made of a cheap metal? You must be very careful when it comes to buying items that are made up of gold because this is considered one of the most precious metals in the world that has a great value in the market.

Gold has already influenced a lot of industries such as fashion, finance, and science. There is also a new trend in culinary and electronics which add value to it. The demand is also increasing every year because this precious metal is not prone to corrosion and has the characteristic of being malleable. As someone interested in this famous metal, you may click here to know more about the process of mining gold and how it is being molded based on the request of the client or investor.

Most investors are interested in 21k and 24k gold rather than those that are labeled as 14k or 18k. Karat will determine the quality and weight of the gold in your precious commodities. The brighter and higher the karat, the more expensive it is when you sell it in the market. It is also an indicator that shows how pure your jewelry is. 

Some individuals who have invested in gold are now considering trading or selling it a few years from now to enjoy the profit. Most items have a stamp that shows that it is made from precious metal; however, if such a stamp is missing, you can also call a professional to check it for you or conduct some tests using the products and items that you can see in your household.

You can never go wrong with this precious metal because its price will continuously increase every year due to the demand and its impact on various industries. Fashion is also one of the main reasons why many women, even men, are interested in wearing gold-plated products and pieces of ornaments. Some also claim that their confidence is also increasing because they are wearing valuable items which can eventually be more expensive in the future.

Methods in Checking The Quality of Your Gold

Are you concerned whether you bought real gold? There are already numerous ways that you can try to determine whether your ring, necklace, or earring that was branded as gold is real or not. You should not lose hope when you do not see any stamp on your jewelry.

One of the easiest ways to check is when you use a lighter to produce fire and direct place it below or around the jewelry that you want to check. For real gold, it will eventually brighten once in contact with the heat, and there will be no discoloration because gold is very adaptable to high and hot temperatures. You can visit this site: https://www.wikihow.com to check its quality.

On the other hand, if your possessions become dark or there is an obvious change in appearance and color, it is considered fake and does not contain real gold. This is one of the common tests that individuals may do in the comfort of their homes.

If you have a dash of vinegar in your kitchen, you can also use it as a determining element to know whether you have gold or not. By dropping a small amount directly into your jewelry, you can instantly see whether it is made up of gold or not. If the acid from the vinegar affects the color of your possessions, it is not real. However, if it maintains its color and continues to shine, you have a gem with you.

Tarnished Gold Compared to Fake Gold

Are you fond of using makeup? If ever you have a liquid foundation with you, it can also test the quality of your gold. It may not be as accurate as of the acid test; however, you can also check through this method whether you have a real one with you or fake.

You can also use a magnet test if you have one at home. When the piece of jewelry is attracted to it, then it is also fake. However, if it is not attracted to it and does not move an inch, you should safe-keep your gem. Some of you are also concerned if does gold tarnish or fades? You must know first the difference between the two.

Moreover, you should also remember that tarnished gold is still considered real rather than fake. It just needs some cleaning and shining to bring back the old appearance of your gold. You must never dispose of or throw away your tarnished pieces of jewelry that are made up of this precious metal because they still have the same value as the ones that you can see inexpensive stores and shops.

Many people who are unaware of the difference between tarnished gold and gold-plated ones often sell it at a very low price because they think that it is not real. This is one of the most regretful decisions that you will make if you are not aware of it.

Indeed, gold is considered a valuable asset that you can give to your loved ones or just keep as an investment. Tarnished gold is also expensive because it has the same karat and quality as the one displayed in fine jewelry shops. 

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