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How To Earn Money Freelancing




You can make money online in many ways. For instance, you can make money staking games on 22Bet, or by selling your products online. Freelancing is one of the big ways to stack some bucks by the side, especially if you already have a significant income stream.

Freelancing allows you to work with experts, startups, and many high-growth organizations. What’s more, you’d charge better for the kind of services you offer. So, if you are a complete beginner and you’d love to Freelance, this guide will help you out.

However, this kind of success doesn’t come over. It takes months of hard work, study and strategy to get to that level.

Choose a Niche

The age-old debate whether you should offer any service you can or specialize in just one- is very unnecessary and irrelevant.

This idea isn’t worth contemplating for any reason. On the contrary, the concept of grabbing any job offer available on freelancing platforms might suit directionless beginners who aim for quick cash but are destined to starve in the long run.

To have an established freelancing career, you must specialize in one Niche first. Master the craft and then make the cash.

You can charge more when you sharpen your skills in a particular field. Specialized services are pricey compared to generalized services. For instance, a specialist email marketer with two years of experience will charge ten times more than a virtual assistant.

Start Freelancing Before You Quit Your Day Job

Let’s say you have a demanding day job, the pay isn’t enough, and you’re planning to quit for a freelancing job- it’s understandable.
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However, the trap of self-employment is quitting your day job. So don’t think your new self-employed status will automatically translate into the income of your dreams. Find the best freelance Virtual Assistants for hire on FreeUp, the top freelancing site. If you are considering quitting your day job to become a full-time freelancer, it is important to have a solid plan in place first. This includes having enough savings to cover your expenses for at least a few months, as well as building up your client base and establishing yourself as a reliable and skilled freelancer.

Earning your desired income takes months of building, skill development, and strategic positioning. So keep your day job as long as you can until your freelancing job has started booming and is generating at least 70% of what you earn from your day job.

Managing a complex schedule, dealing with irresponsible clients, and managing limited resources will help you experience what it’s like to run your own business successfully. You may Quit your day job when your freelancing career has found its feet.

Get Clear on Your Service Offerings

This decision will help you in setting up your profile. Most other freelancers fail in this aspect, and if you do this correctly, you will stand high up above the crowd.

Being cut-clear specific on what you do, lets your prospective clients know what you don’t. But, more importantly, it positions you as a highly sought-after professional who doesn’t have the time to waste.

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The more precise your services are, the higher your chances of getting seen and controlling your prospective clients.

One more thing, back up your claims. If you are laser specific about your offerings, you should show proofs. Ensure you boost your portfolio with jobs validating your services.


To be successful in freelancing, you must practice the concept of branding. You are defining your propositions and your services, and positioning yourself as an authority in your field before your target audience is what lands you a gig.

As you build your profile and establish your freelancing career, you will create a community of clients who will salivate at acquiring your services no matter what you charge.

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