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Find the Right Fit For Your Business With These 4 Recruitment Tools



Recruiting the right employees can be a challenge for any business. If you end up hiring the wrong person, it can cost you a lot of time, money, and extra resources that you can’t afford to spare. This is why it is integral to make sure you have the right team on board, for yourself, and for your organization. 

But how can you ensure that you’re hiring the right people? What tips, tricks, and tools can you take on to elevate your recruitment strategy? Well, we’ve assembled some of the most useful tools to help you make sure you hire the right people for the job every time. 

Use Workable to access the best candidates 

Workable is an applicant tracking system that is ideal for any small company looking to expand through recruitment. This is an AI-based tool that allows employers to review candidate applications, communicate with applicants, schedule interviews by integrating itself with your calendar, and send out final offers. 

With payment plans available for you, whether you have occasional or recurring hiring needs, Workable is the best way to help you streamline your recruiting process. 

If your company is looking for a more specialized candidate, like for a sales manager position, you may want to look into a dedicated sales recruitment agency. You can still use some of these tools for communication, the recruiters will use their network of professionals to quickly and effectively find the best talent.

Use chatbots to make communication more effective

Chatbots have been used by customer service experts for years to answer any questions, queries, and confusions that a customer might have. Similarly, you can make use of a chatbot for recruitment purposes too. 

Use a chatbot tool like GoHire to integrate a chatbot onto your website or recruitment portal. This way, any potential candidates interested in applying can have their questions and confusions cleared even outside of working hours before they submit their application. Allowing a chatbot to answer common queries related to the hiring process will help push the right applicants towards the final recruitment stages. 

Use Textio to polish your job descriptions

When you want to hire the right people for the job, it’s important to have a job description that appeals to the people you’re looking to hire for your business. To do that, you need to make sure you’re using the right language, giving off the right tone, and calling out to the right people. 

Using writing tools like Textio will help you unlock and make use of the right kind of language in your job descriptions and recruitment ads. It’ll help you avoid certain jargon that is difficult for the average entry-level applicant to understand, as well as phrases and words that could be construed by anyone as offensive, discriminatory, or restrictive in any way. 

Use PosterMyWall to create engaging recruitment posters 

When looking to hire the right people, it’s important to make sure people know you’re actively recruiting. To make sure your job openings have been probably publicized, create detailed flyers about what positions you’re recruiting for and what kind of people you need. And it’s easier than you think it is. With online design tools like PosterMyWall, you can get free access to a wide range of marketing tools for entrepreneurs that help you sell your business to potential applicants in the right way. 

The perfect graphic for your small business should have

  1. Your brand logo
  2. Details about your job openings
  3. The requirements a potential candidate should fulfil
  4. Details about how to apply


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Final thoughts

Finding the right fit for your business can be difficult to get right. While it’s integral to make sure your employees are the best resource you have, it’s not as easy to find employees that can prove to be that best fit. 

Use these fabulous resources and tools to create a better hiring image for your business and get a clear idea of how to attract the right people every time. 

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