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Extravagance in the Bathroom



The bathroom may not be the most exciting room in the house, but that does not mean it cannot be extravagant. It doesn’t matter if you decide to splash out on the decoration, the items in there, or special added extras; you can show a lot of extravagance in the bathroom. You may not go as far as installing automaty like burning hot style, but it would be fun if you did.


If you chose marble, you could feel that you lived like royalty. Marble not only looks luxurious but can feel luxurious too. Depending on the budget, it can be all marble or particular areas only. If you decide to go all out, you can have marble tiles on the floor and walls. The shade will be necessary, so decide if you want pale for a feeling of space or black to be bold. If that is too much, just choose a couple of marble items. It could be the basin; it could be some shelf space.


There are many ways to make a bath enjoyable for children, and one of them is kids bubble bath. Bubble baths are not just for kids, though. Adults also enjoy relaxing in the tub with a few bubbles and some music playing in the background. The only difference is that adults use shampoo instead of bubble bath so that they don’t slip or slide when getting out of the tub.

A free-standing tub can be so reminiscent of days gone by. If you are brave, then it can be set in the middle of the bathroom. Even placed in a corner, it will look fantastic. If you can find one that has cast iron feet, it will be even more extravagant. If you access cross-head taps, they will be the perfect match.

The Devil is in the Detail

You can get the tiles right and choose the proper bath and basin, but there could still be something missing. Can you imagine relaxing in your bath and gazing at the chandelier above you? Even if there is no room for a large one, it will be noticed. A large mirror will be an important feature, but it depends on how body secure you are if it is near to the tub.

Flannels and Towels

After getting out of the bath, you don’t want to be cold. A thick bath mat will be ideal, and then wrap yourself in a fluffy towel. Egyptian cotton will be the best as the high grams per sq. meter and hand towels and flannels can match. Once dry, you can leave in a luxurious dressing gown carefully purchased to match the decor.


The final touch will be made with candles and accessories. Toilet roll holders, towel racks, and soap dispensers can carry on the extravagance. Candles will enhance the mood, and the accessories can be purchased to either match or contrast with the marble. If there is room, you could add plants which will give both a visual and olfactory presence.

As if the above was not enough, there are a few other ways to improve the bathroom but depending on the size. A sauna would be the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day before slipping into your fantastic bath. If you decide to take your time there, then why not install a TV. It will have to be a special one as general TVs are not suitable for dampness, heat, and steam.

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