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Beginner’s Guide for Betting on the NBA




NBA fans have every reason to celebrate. The league is experiencing a great moment, with several teams in contention for the title. After the dominance of the Golden State Warriors, which made the NBA much more predictable, there is a new division of power, allowing several teams to dream of the cup.

As a result, placing a bet on the NBA with the best  offshore sports books is becoming more and more fun – and more profitable, since the odds are even more attractive since there is no longer a single no-brainer this season.

You’ll find several options for betting on NBA games. You can choose a simple bet, in which you only need to guess the winner of the match, or make much more elaborate guesses, such as trying to guess the margin of points in favor of the winner.

Not only that, but you can also invest in long-term bets, trying to predict who will be at the top of each conference and who will shine in the playoffs, winning the ultimate basketball prize.

Those who follow the NBA closely already know that stars like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Giannis Antetokounmpo are capable of deciding any match. But the NBA today is balanced and has a very high level of competition, allowing the bettor to identify great profit options not only in the games of the favorites like the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Toronto Raptors.

There is no shortage of chances to profit and have fun with the best basketball on the planet – whether you are a beginner or a betting expert.

How to start betting on the NBA

The first step for those who want to profit from betting on NBA basketball is to register with an online bookmaker who offers good betting options on the league’s games. Fortunately, there is a wide range of possibilities since all the best betting sites in the market offer the possibility to bet on the NBA.

Always remembering that it is very important to choose a site with a good reputation in the market, ensuring that your investment is safe, easy, fun, and without any headaches.

After choosing the ideal site for you – preferably one that offers a welcome bonus, allowing your initial capital to be even higher – it’s time to register in the sportsbook. In all the best sites in the industry, this is a step that takes only a few moments without any difficulty.

Then all you have to do is make your first deposit using the most convenient payment method (such as bank transfer, credit card, or even bitcoin), and you’re ready to start betting on the NBA.

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Main Types of NBA Betting

Those who are just starting to explore the world of betting will probably opt for simpler and more straightforward types of guesses. This is, in fact, the best strategy for beginners. Start with the most classic and traditional guess, known in the betting glossary as the money line.

There is no secret: you choose a team to win a match and profit if this result is confirmed. As you will soon realize, the best odds are for games in which there is no exaggerated favoritism for one of the teams.

Those looking for an even greater challenge can opt for other types of odds, such as the margin of victory for the winner. In a clash between the Lakers and the Clippers, should LeBron James’ team beat Kawhi Leonard’s team by more or less than ten points?

You can also make a guess at the total points of a game. A duel between two teams with great scorers, such as the Lakers vs. Bucks, tends to end with a higher score. Another option is handicap bets for those who are more experienced.

If you prefer to profit from a more ambitious bet, guessing who will win the cup at the end of the season, you can invest in the so-called futures markets. These are long-term predictions, in which you invest during the course of the championship and profit if your favorite wins.

You can also predict the winners of each division and conference, which allows the NBA fan to show his knowledge of the league as a whole. This kind of betting is most profitable at the beginning of the championship when the fight is wide open.

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Tips for profiting from NBA betting

You don’t need to be a sports betting expert to know that the biggest profits are on the boldest picks. You can, however, rely on NBA picks from expert analysts as the insights offered are invaluable, usually offering a detailed perspective not commonly found among the general public.  In fact, betting against the favorites usually provides a better return. Because it is a fairly even league, where surprises are relatively frequent, there are many opportunities to make money on NBA upsets.

But this does not mean that playing the underdog is the best strategy. It is better to identify more concrete profit possibilities by putting your money on the most consistent and reliable teams.

Let’s say you intend to invest in the Lakers. Putting your money on LeBron James and company against a team with a poor campaign will provide a modest return since the favoritism of Los Angeles will be great.

But if the Lakers are going to face a team that is well on the table but has a weak defense, for example, there is a great option for a profit. You invest in the possibility of LeBron having a great night over this opponent, and as the odds are more favorable, you get a bigger profit with this victory.

For those who are starting to bet, it is not a bad idea to start with the more modest odds. This is what many people did in the golden age of the Warriors with Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant.

Golden State was almost always the overwhelming favorite, offering a not-so-high return. As the team almost never stumbled, it was a good strategy, as you didn’t risk too much, even though you profited a little less.

Everything will depend on your betting profile, your degree of experience on betting sites, and how much you want to risk.

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