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Trendy and Historical Neighborhoods to Explore in Beirut




The neighborhoods of Beirut reveal the country’s present and past through its many structures and heritage spots. You feel energized as you explore and enjoy local cuisine in these many restaurants. They bring back the country’s rich history, making you experience simply stunning places.

What Are The Neighborhoods In Beirut That You Must Explore?

When you sightsee in Beirut, you will find so many contrasts all across it, ranging from ruins that are quite ancient to modern skyscrapers that reel in the power of the latest technology. Arrive early through Middle East Airlines Dubai and enjoy a fantastic vacation with the family. Explore its many neighborhoods to get insight into what makes up this country.

● Hamra is an exciting neighborhood with numerous cafes and restaurants. Step into any of the shops here to get the best-branded products that make way for an easy, comfortable lifestyle. It is here that the American University of Beirut is located, where some of the most talented young men and women come for a college education. This neighborhood’s location is such that you can access so many key places quickly, and it is quite affordable too.

● How about spending some time strolling across the huge cliffs overlooking the ocean in the beautiful neighborhoods of Raouche? It is a fantastic place to spend time exploring local food in cozy restaurants where you can also enjoy shisha. If you are in the mood for some drinks, enjoy a medley of cocktails in any of these places. You will be surprised at how casual the environment is in this neighborhood. Also, note that it is a bit expensive here, and there are many posh hotels here, especially one with seaside views.

● Achrafieh is a fantastic neighborhood with many beautiful new buildings displaying the latest architectural style. There are many big estate houses where you can see a lot of ground space for people to gather, play sports, hold events, etc.


You can see so many historical estates that bring the past into focus. Key places that are out of sight here are the National Museum and Sassine Square. This place is also known for its grand Christina and Orthodox churches and many art galleries displaying fantastic artworks.

● One neighborhood that’s more on the quiet side is Badaro. There are lots of cafes where you can sit, relax, and enjoy not just coffee but a lot of snacks and various types of coffee in their most aromatic forms. The oldest park in the city is located here, where you can spend fun-filled times with your family. You can also find many museums with many artifacts on display, revealing the heritage of Beirut.

● Yet another fantastic neighborhood to explore is Mar Mikhael, which is known for its amazing life. When you want to enjoy some drinks, head out to Armenian Street, which is known for cafes serving the most famous cocktails. In the evening, head out to the bar for some dancing and fun with your friends, enjoying snacks and listening to the latest music tracks. You can shop in many places here, and please note that this is an affordable neighborhood in Beirut.

● You will find downtown Beirut to be a fantastic place to enjoy fun-filled vacation time. It’s a place that has a lot of historic ruins that reveal the heritage of this place. Some of the ruins date back to the prehistoric era. Though this environment was largely destroyed during the Lebanese War, it was later redeveloped. In this neighborhood, which is quite affordable, you can find souks that sell local products. Key places to see are Nijmeh Square, Roman bath ruins, and the Lebanese parliament.


As you explore the Beirut neighborhoods, you can see the kind of turmoil that has shaken it up and the massive efforts that have been taken to redevelop it into the city that is seen today. Arrive here comfortably on Middle East Airlines Dubai to enjoy exploring this city, its history, and its exotic natural beauty!

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