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Traveling Europe with eSIM Technology




Traveling through Europe must be on everyone’s bucket list. After all, the Old Continent is filled with cultural heritage, historic monuments, and breathtaking landscapes. While most people focus on these things, in today’s age of connectivity one must not forget about mobile connectivity. Securing it is a hassle, but traveling without it is an even bigger issue.

Luckily, eSIM technology has taken a few steps forward, and today, we can stay connected while traversing different European countries. In this article, we’ll explore eSIM technology and how eSIMs are changing the views on European travel.

What are eSIMs?

You all know what an SIM (subscriber identity module) is. eSIM is its digital counterpart, with E standing for embedded. This technology allows users to install a SIM directly on their phones as a form of software without having to buy a physical SIM. Also, physical SIMs require you to change them in and out, with a risk of losing one, while at the same time, eSIMs are embedded into your phone and allow you a seamless transition between different mobile networks.

Let’s see what are some of the biggest advantages and details of eSIMs for travelers:

Multi-Country Coverage with Unlimited Data Plans in Europe

This has to be the biggest eSIM advantage over physical SIM. When you have an eSIM on your phone you can use it in different countries, access multiple local mobile networks, and all of that without changing the SIM.

The best part is that multiple providers offer unlimited data plans in Europe. With an eSIM from Holafly, for example, you can access a data plan that offers unlimited data. Today, having mobile data on you while traveling is essential like bringing your passport. With a good choice for a Europe eSIM plan, you can access a mobile data plan that covers your high-speed international data coverage needs.


When on the road, one seeks more convenience than at home. So, instead of visiting mobile stores in every country you visit, searching for a physical SIM card at airports, or activating data roaming, you can simply solve these issues with a single eSIM. These devices are activated online, so you can prepare everything before the trip and just activate your eSIM at your destination.

The only thing to know is which eSIM data plan covers your traveling needs. Today, different data plans are available starting at as little as $6 for a five-day trip. If you plan on staying longer you should find an international data plan with a local phone number, good data connection, and cellular data that can be shared on a mobile hotspot. When on the road you can’t say no to high-speed data.

Cost Efficiency

Traveling can get expensive on its own. Add in the data roaming charges, and you might have some unexpected costs to your journey. It is interesting to know that eSIMs have better rates than your standard roaming data plan.


When you pick one of the local Europe eSIM plans, you can have a good internet connection, more data, and connection to local networks such as T-Mobile all at one set price. Prepaid eSIM plans are the way to go when traveling in Europe.


When you buy one of the local prepaid eSIM plans, you can always access mobile data. eSIM switches between networks accordingly. The nice part is that it always looks to connect to the strongest network. Also, if you need access to your standard SIM card, you can do it by simply pressing a button. Switching between mobile plans while on the go is a great commodity, and this type of flexibility is what tourists are looking for.

How to Use eSIMs in Europe

While purchasing, installing, and using eSIM is quite straightforward it is still necessary to know how to do it, or if it can be done.  The first thing one needs to do before opting to purchase a Europe eSIM data plan is:


Before you opt for an eSIM you need to check if your phone is eSIM compatible. Don’t worry, the majority of newer smartphones are eSIM compatible. Manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei are all moving steadily toward eSIM technology.

Purchase eSIMs

The best route is to purchase your eSIM plan long before you land at your destination. You have plenty of options, such as Holafly or Orange Holiday. You should pick the provider that suits your needs and your budget, as they all differ in terms of what they provide.


When it comes to eSIM technology, there shouldn’t be any confusion about activation. Usually, it is done by scanning the QR code provided to you by the prepaid eSIM seller. Also, it is possible to type the code manually on your device. Confirmation codes are usually sent in the form of a QR Code or via email. Once you activate your eSIM data plan, you can start using it. The recommendation is that you activate it after landing at your European destination.

Managing eSIMs

People who spend a lot of time on the road will love that it’s possible to have multiple eSIM profiles. You can access each individually and check on your data usage and other perks you might be interested in. The amount of control you’re given over your prepaid eSIM plan ensures that you never run out of cellular data.

What The Future Holds for eSIMs in European Travel?

As we said, eSIM technology is slowly taking over. More and more worldwide operators will soon adopt it, and in no time, it will be the only option available. At the moment, iPhone is making all of its new models for the USA market available only with eSIM slots.


In the future, we can expect expanded coverage in all corners of the globe. eSIM technology will become available far beyond Europe, and it will be used by everyone not just people who set out to travel.

Furthermore, it will have integration with other services achieved. We’re mostly talking about digital identification, transportation tickets, and local information, which will enhance individual travel. Also, with more integration into our devices and everyday lives, we can expect that eSIMS will come with more security features, a better activation process, and superb overall connectivity to our and other devices.

Bottom Line

One thing is clear: for anyone with a cell phone, a mobile data plan is a necessity. International roaming was never cheap, and it’s not going to be in the future, so having an alternative in the form of an eSIM for international travel is good news. So, the next time you’re visiting other countries, use an eSIM to stay connected, have access to unlimited calling, and always automatically connect to the best available network.

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