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Today’s Most Popular Stories from the Heart of Asia




At present, sixty percent of the global population resides in Asia, with forty percent belonging to only China and India. Latest studies show that the continent will continue hosting the largest portion of the world’s population till 2050 at least. Since so many people are in Asia, a plethora of things constantly happen out there. The following write-up specifies a couple of stories from the heart of Asia. Please check them out now.

China Will Strengthen Its Policy Adjustments to Recover Quickly

Do you want to know the biggest China breaking news? Well, the country decided to strengthen the policy adjustments so that its economy could recover within a short period. Reputed investors are looking for clues on the upcoming policy and reform because Beijing is struggling to get back on its feet post-coronavirus outbreak. Also, one cannot forget about the burgeoning government debt and profound housing crisis.

China will exert utmost effort to increase domestic demand and reinforce cross-cyclical and counter-cyclical macro policy adjustments. To promote recovery further, the country will also adopt a practical fiscal policy and a cautious monetary policy. China even plans to execute fee cuts and structural taxes. China will develop a new property model to quicken the establishment of reasonably priced housing.

China Faces Immense Birth Decline

China should stop getting concerned about the number of births and fertility. Instead, it must undertake steps to provide optimal services to prospective parents. The country must also respect individuals who do not wish to start a family yet just because it has faced an irreversible population decline.

Experts are coming up with several demographic solutions as China’s first population decline was quite unexpected. The birth rates, after all, never fell in the last six decades till last year. The demographic crisis is what’s slowing China’s overall economic growth. Fertility policies must ensure the creation of a strong reproductive environment only for people who want to have children and not be an imposition on people with negligible fertility intentions.


It would be better if China tried enhancing the quality of childcare facilities and investing in teacher training. The country can unlock reproductive potential only if it manages to establish a child-friendly and family-friendly environment that appreciates family welfare and individual development and streamlines work-family conflicts.

China Rock Band Accused of Lip Syncing

Mayday, a popular Taiwanese band, was accused of lip-syncing by Chinese authorities. The authorities investigated their viral video. According to the commercial regulations of China, lip-syncing in a live show is strictly prohibited. The act is considered deceptive and unfair to the paying audiences. A few social media users did not support the penalization of Mayday because several performers have lip-synced earlier on state television. Many users said they were disappointed that their favorite band committed such a thing. Lip-syncing is punishable and calls for a fine of 100,000 yuan. Artists and organizers can also have their licenses annulled forever.

Ashin, Mayday frontman, denied all allegations and said they have always connected with fans through ‘real singing.’ Mayday agreed to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, although its label, B’in Music, said that the band never lip-synced when performing and they never will.


This whole controversy began when Maitian Nongfu, a social media user, evaluated recordings of the band’s songs from its concert on 16th November using computer software. He posted his analysis online and went viral in minutes. Chinese authorities will respond to all the complaints after the formal investigation comes to an end.

A few other stories include –

  • Three ex-soldiers of Japan are found guilty of sexual assault. Rina Gogoi, 24, drew substantial attention after telling her story on YouTube.
  • BBC claims to restructure its operations throughout India so that it can adhere to the foreign investment protocols.
  • Myanmar competes with Afghanistan and has emerged as the top producer of opium. Poppy cultivation in Myanmar expanded. The Civil War made it an excellent source of earning. On the contrary, poppy cultivation in Afghanistan was reduced due to Taliban interference.

Hope you found the stories stated above informative as well as fascinating. According to research, Asia will remain in the news for a long time. Getting yourself thoroughly acquainted with the various updates will allow you to make changes and create a better world for future generations.

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