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The One and Only CapCut Online Photo Editor To Make Photos That Go Viral




Are you curious to know which editor the content creators use to make photos that go viral? Out of so many online photo editors available on the internet, it is the hardest to pick a single one to transform your photos. However, the research shows that most content creators use the CapCut online photo editor, which helps them create photos that go viral. Besides just allowing them to use the simplest photo editing tools, it also helps them use the most impressive AI-based functions to transform stunning photos that go viral. Do you know what AI-based free tools or functions this online photo editor by CapCut brings for you? Here are the details.

Low-Light Image Enhancement

You can instantly fix all the dull or lifeless visuals of your photos on this online photo editor by using its low light image enhancement feature. Simply upload any of your dull photos here, and upon clicking on this tool, you will get the instant transformation of your photo to a brighter, more beautiful, and visually appealing photo.

Photo Background Generator

Moreover, you can also generate a beautiful background for your photos by using this amazing online photo editor. It also allows you to remove the background, set a transparent background, or set a beautiful solid color as a background for a photo.  

AI Image Upscaler

Here, you can also upscale your images with just one click through the AI image upscaler tool.


When you upload your photo to this online editor to upscale it, the editor will give you several resolution options. You will choose any of the resolutions to upscale your photo, and the editor will instantly convert it to that resolution.

Old Photo Restoration

You can also restore your old photos with blurs, tears, and scratches by using this one-click old photo restoration tool. All you need to do here is click on this tool, and it will generate all the results by using AI technology.

AI Photo Colorizer

You can also get the most interactive colors for your photos by using CapCut’s AI-based photo colorizer tool. To use this tool, you can upload any of your black-and-white photos to this editor and click on this photo colorizer tool to add instant yet realistic color to it.

AI Sticker Maker

Last but not least, you can also use the AI sticker maker on the CapCut online photo editor to make beautiful and impressively appealing stickers to add to your photos.

How to Use CapCut Online Photo Editor?

To use the CapCut online photo editor, you must follow the below steps.

Step 1: Create an Account

First, visit the CapCut creative suite online or by searching its name on www.google.com. It will appear in the top search results.


Then, click on it and use the free signup button to create an account there. After that, sign in to your account and go to the tools to open the online photo editor.

Step 2: Import

When this online photo editor opens on your screen, import any of your photos here from your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step 3: Customize

Now, customize your photo by using multiple tools or AI functions available on this online photo editor.

Step 4: Export

After making all the edits, click on the top export button to download and save your photo to your device.

Does CapCut Charge for Using its AI Photo Editing Functions?

Fortunately, all of the photo editing tools and functions on CapCut are free to use. No matter which tool you want to use to transform your photo here, CapCut online photo editor allows you to use this tool for free to transform your photo. There are no pair premium functions on this online editor. Instead, all of the basic and AI-based premium photo editing tools are free on CapCut’s online photo editor, and hence, they create the most cherishable experience for users to transform their photos like professionals.

Can You Download Your Photos Without Watermarks After Transformation?

The best thing here is that you can also download your photos without watermarks on them. Millions of people around the world are using this incredibly amazing online photo editor to transform their photos, and then they download them for free. This editor doesn’t impose any download limit or any other restrictions on the people. Hence, people use it to make mindblowing transformations and then share them on their websites or social media to make these transformations go viral and bring greater engagement.


To enjoy transforming photos along with enjoying all the perks of transforming and sharing them with others, you must start using the CapCut online photo editor. There is no better online editor than the CapCut online photo editor, which brings a huge variety of AI tools and functions for impressive transformations within seconds and with greater ease.

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